An Unusual Way to Get Rich – Create a Flea Market Small-Business Empire With Wholesale Products


FACT: A lot of people make $ 1,000 a day (that’s $ 104,000 a year) just selling at flea markets and chatting on weekends. (I’ve actually made more than that on some days.) Most people think we’re just a bunch of poor people trying to make that extra dollar, and that’s exactly what we want them to think. .

What do we know that you don’t know? What are our secrets? Can you do it?

Yes. Anyone can sell in flea markets and get rich … and I’ll tell you exactly how here.

Becoming a flea market vendor is easy and affordable. Your expenses will be the cost of your merchandise and the rent for the space. The daily rent for an outdoor space can be as little as $ 5-10 per day. Many people start by selling used items and move on to selling new items purchased from wholesalers. New items sell for twice as much as used items and have a higher profit ratio.

Most people already have a table or two that they can bring with them. I actually started my flea market and traded some stuff with just $ 200 and a few card tables I borrowed. I now earn thousands of dollars every month without fail. (Of course, the more money you have to buy goods, the faster your new business will grow.)

The key is to let your new business grow. Don’t kill him and reap all the benefits! I suggest that you have a job or other source of income to cover your living expenses for at least the first six months after starting your new business.

There is an old adage in this business: “The more you have, the more you sell.” Believe me, it’s true! Take this to heart and invest all your profits in buying more goods, so that you have even more to sell next weekend.

Who do you think most shoppers will go to, the guy sitting there with four items on a single chart table or three spaces in front of him literally loaded with millions of different items? If you think you have enough goods, you don’t have any.

If you use your profits to grow your business and buy more merchandise each week, it won’t take more than a few months before your sales increase rapidly and you can start keeping some of the profits to yourself without killing them. .

If you live in a cold northern climate in winter or a hot and humid southern climate in summer, you might consider renting space inside a flea market building. Yes, the rent for your space will go up a bit, but you will get heating and air conditioning (comfortable buyers spend more money), as well as a secure enclosure for your tables and merchandise during the closing week. Marlet. .

Once your first small business is performing well, use the profits to open a second small business in the same flea market or exchange market, selling a different type of merchandise. Expanding is as easy as renting another space and hiring someone to manage it for you. Again, your costs will be just the goods and the rent for the space and whatever you pay for your help. (Be good to them and they will be very good to you.) Just like with your first business, put the profits back into your second business and allow it to grow.

Profits from two small businesses will allow you to easily open a third small business. Do as before and let your third business grow. Put money back in by purchasing more goods.

Then open a fourth, a fifth, a sixth small business at the same flea market. It is not only possible but almost guaranteed that if you do this you will create your own small business empire in less than a year and have an annual income of over $ 100,000 after spending.

If you just reinvest the profits in your first new business, it will grow without an extra dime out of your pocket. The profits will allow you to open a second, a third and so on. You don’t need a small business loan to get started.

Plus, you’re not limited to just one flea market or one exchange. There may be other markets within 20 or 30 miles of you where you can do the same and multiply your earnings.

If you follow this simple yet effective formula, it won’t be long before you quit selling yourself in flea markets and simply become a manager, overseeing your small business empire and stepping in to give your employees breaks.

Once you earn a really good income, consider other ways to invest your money to make even more profit like opening your own wholesale house and selling merchandise to flea market vendors and earning even more. .

Flea markets and swap meetups are a great place where the average person can start their own small business and get rich by building a small business empire.

Source by Allen Farlow

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