Advantages of a Pop Up Market Stall


Think of a market stall and many people will think of the traditional slotted steel structure with a large, ill-fitting candy striped rectangular sheet. This type of stall embodies a rather old-fashioned view of markets – shoddy produce sold at low prices from a stall made up of a jumble of rusty bars and dirty, faded blankets.

However, the markets have undergone a revolution in their image, the traders and the products offered. As department stores “buy it all under one roof” slaughtering the competitiveness of the lower end of the retail spectrum, the markets began a serious decline. Add to that an image of eye-catching products and something had to be done for the markets to have a chance to survive.

Market operators have started to consider another way to market themselves. With an increase in continental markets, the UK has been exposed to the smart uniformity of the pop-up market stand. Traders from the neighboring mainland brought in a wide variety of food, drink, and crafts that drew huge crowds of investigative buyers looking for something different. Buyers were also drawn to the much more professional approach to presenting mainland traders. Their pop-up market stalls were quickly erected with smart fitted covers, their traders were equally smart and professional.

This is how the idea came about to change the way the UK has approached markets for decades. Change didn’t happen overnight and even now there are groups of underperforming stubborn traders who fail to understand the full impact of presentation on buyers’ buying decisions. However, a change has occurred. There are now a large number of markets and traders who have thrown away their old-fashioned market stalls and replaced them with pop-up market stalls.

The main advantages of the pop up market stand are:

  • Very quick to assemble and disassemble – allows the merchant to spend much more time on his “flash” or his product display.
  • Very easy to store as most come in a rolling carry bag with a maximum length of 62 “.
  • Waterproof covers in a wide range of colors, which adapt to the frame.
  • Smart clear PVC sides to make the stalls feel light and airy.
  • Wide range of accessories available such as anchoring systems, weights and hanging displays.
  • Market operators can create a uniformity of size and style that was virtually impossible with traditional style stalls.
  • Health and safety often considers traditional stalls to pose a higher risk of injury to traders and customers due to falling ill-fitting bars and metals held together by ties and twine in the worst case scenario .

There is no doubt that the manufacture and purchase of pop-up market stalls has had a huge impact on the viability and continued success of many markets. With the emergence of farmers’ markets and the use of pop-up market stalls and the call to buy local and locally grown produce, the market square has evolved into a 21st century business model.

Source by Fay Nicoll

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