10 Types of Freebies That Boost Your Internet Marketing Strategy


So you want to boost your internet marketing strategy, huh? Have you tried giving freebies to boost your online marketing plan? This method has proven itself. There are countless startups and other web-based businesses that have had tremendous success creating valuable free products to give away to their visitors.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating gifts is that you shouldn’t sacrifice quality just because you intend to give away the product. For this strategy to be successfully implemented, you must be sure that your free products offer value to your prospects and users. If your free products fail to solve a real problem, it will only do one thing for your business: give you a bad reputation. We try to do the opposite!

The type of freebies you offer your visitors will depend on the type of business you are in. But you can be as creative as you want with some of the following examples. In most cases, you can find a way to leverage each type of freebie to best suit your business and the products or services you offer.

The following list will cover some of the most popular types of free content you can start working on today.

  • Free eBooks – These are among the most popular types of gifts in the online world. Don’t forget their loved ones, free PDF report, case studies and white papers. These can be a great free gift to give to your visitors, fans, or potential customers. Create a free tips eBook related to the services you offer or create a specific “how to” eBook to help your users complete a specific task themselves. There are endless possibilities here!
  • Free Templates – These are great freebies to give away, whether you’re creating free website design templates or perhaps detailed spreadsheet templates for budgeting or other important tasks. It can be a good choice for companies or individuals who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to invest in creating their first gifts. For example, you can post free templates to the public Google Docs gallery for others to use and promote on your site and others!
  • Free consultation – Although it doesn’t technically qualify as a product, offering a free fifteen or thirty minute professional consultation to assess your users’ needs is a great freebie to consider. Just make sure you can keep up with demand!
  • Free online generator – This is another extremely popular idea for a freebie. Some great examples of HubSpot are incredibly helpful Website binder and press release binder, both of which I use regularly. Can you think of a way to create a free product that can help your users automate an important aspect of their job? Bingo!
  • Set of Free Icons or Graphics – If you’re proficient in Photoshop or GIMP and offer custom graphic design services, this is a must-have gift for your users! Create a free icon set with a specific theme and offer it to your users. Sit back and count the downloads!
  • Free Video Tutorial Course – This type of gift requires a serious investment of time and equally serious effort, but it can definitely pay off in the end! Spend some time identifying a task that is important to many of your users and create a course or series of video tutorials to walk them through the steps they need to take to complete it themselves.
  • Free webinar – Give away a free webinar with exclusive interviews you’ve snagged with other industry leaders, to create an engaging giveaway for your users. Limit the number of seats in each of your webinars to increase the perceived exclusivity and value of the information you present to them. Make sure the webinar covers important topics for your users and helps them solve a real problem they are facing.
  • Coupon codes and promotional discounts – While this type of giveaway isn’t 100% free, it’s still a great way to pique your users’ interest and you might be surprised how many of your customers take advantage of the limited-time discounts and promotional offers you get. offer them. Try posting a promo code for a product or service you sell every now and then to test the results you can get from using this idea. Just be sure to offer discounts and offers that are worth your time and effort!
  • Free Books – Don’t forget the printing world! If you review new releases of books that cover topics in your industry (as many sites and blogs do), try working with the author to offer a free book contest to readers who comment on reviews. or otherwise engage. Be sure to put in a strong call-to-action to build buzz and limit the number of copies for winners.
  • Free invitations to new startups – Remember the days when Gmail accounts could only be opened if you were invited by someone who already had one? Even more recently, Google Voice was also invite-only. Tons of new sites and startups are launching in beta, offering new user accounts using an invitation system. If you’re getting early access to a startup that’s generated a lot of buzz online, giving invites as giveaways can be an explosive way to promote your own site or blog using giveaways. Experiment and have fun!

As you can see, these are just a few examples of how you can get creative with free marketing. There is no limit to the possibilities. My best advice is to experiment with some of these ideas and find out which ones work best for your business!

Source by Ashly Lorenzana

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