What Are the Main Airport Transfer Options?


Once you arrive in the arrival halls at the airport, you have the choice between several options to reach your hotel. The cheapest option will probably include public bus or train service, but this is not the most practical option, especially if you are traveling with lots of luggage or with young children. A more relaxed and stress-free option is to book a taxi or a private transfer.

Here are the five most convenient options to get to your destination:

Private transfer

The option of pre-booking a private car will make the trip stress-free and will eliminate problems associated with the queue. The majority of private car services will provide the opportunity to choose the preferred type of transportation, which can range from a classic car to a limousine or minibus.

Taxi transfer

The price and waiting time at the taxi rank can be difficult to predict. In addition, it can be very expensive if there is enough distance to reach your destination. If you arrive at the airport at a quiet time, it may be more interesting to simply head to the taxi rank, but at peak times, it is often advantageous to make prior arrangements.

Shared transfers

Shared transfers are probably a cheaper option than private transfer. They are perfect for getting to your hotel or another destination, but may not be the best choice for larger groups or those traveling with a lot of luggage. In addition, it should be taken into account that regular stopping along the journey prolongs the journey time.


Uber is now widely available in major cities around the world and a car can easily be arranged once your luggage is recovered and you are ready to leave the airport. The application can provide many useful information, such as the place of care and if any fixed charges apply to your city.

Car rental

Car rental at the airport is likely to give the desired flexibility to travelers who wish to visit various locations during a given period. An adequate airport will allow you to easily book a car from one of the many reputable brokers.

Overall, airport transportation is only an additional expense that adds to a business trip or vacation. It is therefore logical to consider the different options to determine which one is able to provide the most attractive package.

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