Two Ways to Make Money With Penny Stocks – Trade and Promote Penny Shares


Okay … So you want to buy some very hot cheap stocks? You will receive selections of red-heated micro-cork stocks as well as an additional method for cashing penny stocks. The truth is that many people believe that they can only make money by investing in penny stocks. Now don't get me wrong; you can make great cash transactions on small caps.

However, there is a much better method to make money on the penny stock market than trading penny stocks. You can become a promoter of actions. Organizations pay stock promoters for the sale of their stocks. This is similar to companies that pay sales staff to sell their services and goods. The good news is that you don't need to be a licensed securities broker to be paid as a stock promoter. The work requirements are very different. Right now, of course, many stock brokers are paid for marketing penny stocks. But you don't have to be a stockbroker to become a promoter.

David Green, Secrets to Penny Stock Investing Program, has two memberships.

The basic membership is the lifetime subscription. This membership is for those who wish to trade penny stocks. This membership requires unique and one-time fees. With this particular subscription, you get suggestions for penny sharing choices, normally on a weekly schedule. This is where the real section of the inflamed micro-plug shares of the membership level comes in. Naturally, the program offers guidelines for studying the basics of business, giving this information to subscribers. .

Green doesn't tell his subscriber how much money to invest. He does not give advice on the calendar; the subscriber must determine when to buy and when to sell. However, David recommends starting with $ 500-1000 as well as spreading this amount over approximately 3 stocks. Green suggests that people are diversifying so as not to lose everything if a stock deteriorates. In addition, Green believes that people should not risk more than they can lose. I want to emphasize this point: never risk more than you can afford to lose; this is true regardless of your investment. Absolutely no strategy is ideal at all times. You must diversify your portfolio in order to minimize your risks.

Tools required for lifetime subscription:

  • PC, or even a smartphone, with Internet access
  • Online Brokerage Company – Green Gives Recommendations
  • The need to learn

This technique is all about your learning:

  • The way to study companies, due diligence
  • Tips on how to do basic trading research
  • The fundamentals of research

Who is this method for? This membership is not really for that person who wants to get rich quick. It is not up to the person who wants a broker to make all of the investment choices. It is not up to the individual who wants someone else to manage their property. It is not necessarily for the person who wants someone else to perform all of the functions of trading. It is not for someone who does not have access to money to trade on the stock exchange. It is not for the individual who has no desire to trade on the stock exchange. Why would this person even read this? Hum…

Who would benefit most from the lifetime subscription level? The lifetime subscription is for people who want to learn the intricacies of trading. This membership is intended for the new investor who wishes to learn the basics. It is really for the buyer who wants to be a participant ready for his own investment. It is for the person who wants to control their own portfolio, to be responsible for their own gains and losses. It is really for anyone who wants to discover ways to manage deficits in a way that protects results.

In addition, this membership is intended for the advanced trader who wishes to become a promoter. When a person wants to be a penny stock promoter, that person must have both a lifetime subscription and a Premium subscription.

The 2nd level of membership consists of excellent tools. The Premium membership level includes the following:

There are many tools in each of the above benefits. Who would not benefit from this Premium membership level? Firstly, anyone who does not benefit from the lifetime subscription (see above) would not benefit from Premium membership. Second, it's just not for anyone who just wants to trade penny stocks. There is no reason to register for everything at once. You can upgrade to Premium level in the future.

Who would benefit most from the Premium membership level? The person looking for a career change is the best candidate for this level. This membership will guide the individual through the steps necessary to become a penny stock promoter. In addition, this membership provides all the resources to find stocks of hot micro-plugs to buy, search for companies and succeed in trading. This particular membership level will help the subscriber to become a successful penny stocks trader.

  • Green & # 39; s Greatest Penny Stock Manual
  • Share shared recommendations weekly
  • Video clip guide in 10 sessions
  • Access to individual messaging
  • Green promotion system offer



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