The Best Way to Choose Penny Stocks – Penny Stock Prophet Review


Penny stock prophet is a program designed to select profitable stocks that specifically target penny stocks as the name suggests. I’ve heard a number of different stories about how effective this program is at identifying profitable stock picks since it hit the market months ago.

It was hard to decipher which reviews were credible and which were selling or selling something else, so once I heard about the 60 day money back guarantee that came with it, I decided to go broke and buy it. try for myself. This is my review of this program for picking penny stocks, Penny Stock Prophet.

The first thing to mention about this program is how it works to pick penny stocks. This program relies heavily on past market data or considers the full breadth of the market whenever it scans the market data for profitable picks.

This is the same technique that is widely used in professional trading circles and houses because the market tends to repeat itself and travel in patterns every several years so looking at where it has gone you can gather remarkably accurate representations of how similarly behaving stocks will act in the future.

Once the program finds what it considers a profitable trade, it notifies you so you can trade accordingly, giving you the information you need, from symbol to trading time.

It works very well with the fact that this program focuses entirely on penny stocks. They are the cheapest investments that can be found on the market, and because of this, it takes very little trading activity to affect their price and position.

As such, it is quite common to see a penny stock fluctuate wildly over a short period of time. So if you can tell the difference between stocks that are poised to make profitable jumps from those that will lose value or remain static, then by using a program to pick penny stocks you can make a lot of money in little of time without needing the knowledge for the analytical skills of your self.

For example, the first pick generated for me when I got the system was valued at $0.18 per share. I bought about 1000 shares of this stock through my online trading account. I checked the performance of this stock the next morning to find that it had jumped to $0.38. At this point, as I had never experienced anything like this before, I started regularly checking the performance of this title with wide eyes as it continued to grow.

It eventually peaked momentarily at $0.57 per share, at which point I was satisfied and sold, which ultimately more than tripled my initial investment. I won’t embellish or lie that every pick he’s generated for me since then has worked well, but out of the 18 picks he’s generated for me that I’ve invested in over the months since I got this, I’ve made money on 17 of them, giving it a +90% win rate.

Source by Jonathan Langley

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