New Stock Ideas: A Guide to Some of the Best Industries for Beginners to Invest In


Are you new to investing? Overall, 2019 was pretty good for shareholders. The best stocks to buy are solid companies with a solid base, which should thrive no matter what the future may be. Even though the trade wars are causing a lot of concern, there are still relatively safe stocks, some of which are under the radar. To give you a starting point, here are some new action ideas to think about.

Cloud / file hosting technology

Dropbox (DBX) in particular has increased by 112%. The company appears to be stabilizing with new product offerings and pricing to better meet the needs of its 500 million registered users. The virtual storage needs of many people are increasing so much that free accounts are no longer enough, which means that the number of paid subscriptions is increasing.

Wind power

Wind projects are increasingly common in a number of countries. This clean and sustainable source of energy is seen as a good long-term prospect. Operating costs may decrease and prices appear to stabilize.

Australian housing

If you're looking for new stock ideas in real estate, consider the metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Sydney. They lack rental accommodation and the population is increasing due to immigration. There has been a lot of money put into Australia from foreign countries like China. If you are interested in the Australian property market, keep rental properties at the top of your priority list.

Waste Management

It is not the most glamorous industry in which to invest, but with an increase in environmental services, pollution control and recycling centers, it is reasonable to see the value of invest in this side of the industrial sector. It is a necessary part of everyone's life. Some organizations to examine include US Ecology (ECOL) and Waste Management (WM).

Aerospace subsector

In the past year, U.S. military spending has increased, so it may be worth investing in companies in the supply chain, such as designers and developers. The aerospace industry generally performs well at the end of economic cycles. As the cycle matures, there is an increase in aircraft orders, and a good way to play it safe is to invest in suppliers.

Where to find new action ideas

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