New Book by Chetan Bhagat – 2 States – A Story of My Marriage


Leading Indian author Chetan Bhagat is the latest icon of Indian youth and the author of three hugely popular novels Five Point Someone, One Night @ The Call Center and The 3 Mistakes of my life. His latest novel “2 States: The Story of My Marriage” hit newsstands recently and has already generated tremendous attention.

There is something special about him, from starting out as an international investment banker writing books in parallel, until he realized for the best that his books were a huge success. As his books quickly found a mark, he eventually decided to leave international investment banking as a career and devote himself to writing full time.

He also won the New York Times accolades as “the best-selling English novelist in the history of India”. With his books lapped by a diverse cross section of the myriad of Indian population, he has already reached a huge number of fans. Chetan Bhagat also contributes opinion columns to various newspapers across the country on national and development issues. Several of the issues he raised were also discussed at Parliament level.

With his background in the military, one could easily confuse Chetan Bhagat with an air of pride in himself, but he turns out to be a down-to-earth individual with equally basic groundwork in his writing. Interestingly, the protagonists in his stories have their names based on Lord Krishna, such as Govind Patel in The Three Mistakes of My Life, Hari in Five Point Something, and Shyam in One Night @ the Call Center.

His stories are not of complex and curvy types, or those that leave the reader confused in the end. His writings are easy to understand and have an ideal flow and they always have an interwoven social message. He always feels very sensitive to many social issues, hence his stories while being light and easily assimilated, have an air of thrill, humor and mystery attached to them. Finding comfort and support in writing, he has just released his latest novel “2 States: a story about my marriage”.

This novel is a humorous and witty take on intercommunal love marriages in India, citing the many embarrassing situations that the loving couple and their families must go through before their marriage can be finalized. Indian love marriage scenarios, especially when they need to be sanctioned by the couple’s families, present a more complex scenario than love marriages elsewhere.

Her latest novel is a fictional story based on her own experience. The protagonists of the story Krish and Ananya are respectively from Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The two fall in love with each other and plan to get married. However, it is extremely difficult to convince their parents, as the families come from two different cultures and two different states. He was faced with a similar situation when he fell in love with his classmate Anusha from IIM Ahmedabad. The two struggled to convince their parents for their nuptials. Chetan Bhagat is a Punjabi from Delhi while Anusha is a Tamil Brahmin from Tamil Nadu.

Such a situation is common in the country, especially if the families are from two different cultures, as in his case, as they have to find common ground in various cultural, social, personal and family matters before discussions on marriage. can take place. further away. Situations are often very excruciating and a lot of friction can ensue if things are not handled with a delicate hand.

Chetan is now married and well settled in life and is fortunate to have two twins Ishaan and Shyam. His previous novels have inspired Bollywood films. For example, the novel “One Night @ the Call Center” inspired the movie Hello, while his book “5 Point Someone” largely inspired the movie “3 Idiots”. His book ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ also inspired a film which is still in preparation. It drove him to pursue his book-writing aspirations and his dreams unfolded on the silver screens of Bollywood.

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