Mosquitoes: home edition


Forced to spend more time at home despite Covid-19 restrictions and remote work orders, many people have found value in investing in their backyards. Creating a pleasant outdoor space is not just a fun project, but an opportunity to build an “outdoor oasis,” a welcome respite from the stressors of pandemic life. Whether you found the escape in a DIY pizza oven, a new patio, an inflatable pool, or a backyard, you’ve probably had to contend with one major inconvenience: mosquitoes.

In the humid heat of midsummer, mosquito populations bloom. States are reporting record levels of mosquitoes after a period of intense rains. Indeed, mosquito populations grow exponentially after rains, as it only takes a few days in standing water for eggs to develop into larvae, pupae, and then fully formed adults. Even if you’ve taken a few precautions, your new and improved backyard can quickly become a mosquito hatchery.

Mosquito prevention

Trying to get rid of mosquitoes can be very infuriating, especially considering the amount of pseudo-science circulating around “natural” mosquito repellents, from cloves in limes to moisturizing lotion. Let’s face it: your collection of essential oils is probably not enough. The best way to truly prevent mosquitoes is to act early by protecting your space against mosquitoes. This may involve:

  • Regularly remove standing water. Many people think of obvious sources of standing water, like ponds or birdbaths, but it really can be anywhere. Flower pots, empty buckets, ashtrays, fire pits, grills, candles, children’s toys, old tires, soda cans, logs, gutters, dog bowls: anything that can hold water can harbor mosquitoes.
  • Clear debris and cut grass. Piles of brush, dead leaves from last fall that you never cleaned up, a fallen tree, tall grasses trap moisture and heat, becoming potential havens for mosquitoes. Like the little vampires that they are, mosquitoes want to spend time in these dark, damp spaces.

Spot a mosquito infestation

Although the prevention methods listed above can help Before you have an actual infestation, they do very little if you are already dealing with a lot of mosquitoes. In this case, contact Black Diamond at 877-DEAD-BUG for a inspection and treatment plan. When should this step be taken? Anytime! But here are some particular red flags:

  • You see mosquito swarms/clouds.

  • There are a lot of mosquitoes in your garden, even when you remove standing water.

  • There are mosquitoes inside your house.

  • You live near a swamp, reservoir, lake or marsh that is not easily drainable.

  • You hear a constant buzzing sound.

  • You notice that you have a lot of bites, even though you don’t see any mosquitoes.

  • You see mosquitoes during the day. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn/dusk, so seeing them around midday may suggest a large population.

Source by David Chapman

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