Marl the Stock Trading Robot – Doubling Stocks


Can there be a security selection robot? No, you say. Well, maybe you should keep reading and start thinking outside the box. I recently encountered the latest craze to sweep the world of the stock market. Apparently there is a stock picker on the market that can provide stock picks ready to make huge gains and from my experience it seems to be working. Let me explain. After using the traditional methods of selecting my own stocks and taking advice from the so-called stock gurus, I was able to lose quite a large part of my investment portfolio.

So, one evening, while searching the net, I came across this offer for a penny stock picking service. I subscribed to their newsletter ($ 47) and within days, I had received my first stock stock. Well, that choice continued to gain more than 87% in less than a day. Then about a week later, my second choice increased by 50% in less than an hour. I was amazed that a title could win so much in such a short time.

Over the next two or three weeks, I continued to receive stock selections, then one day I was offered to buy their stock selection robot named Marl for only $ 97. At first I was skeptical, but I kept going and bought Marl. Well let me tell you it was the best investment I have ever made. One evening I was posting on a stock exchange forum about the success I had with Marl and a traditional trader told me that Marl was a complete scam and that I had been duped. It was amazing to me that this guy could somehow see in my stock portfolio and tell me how my stock choices were doing. This stock picking guru, Aiki14, who claimed to have over 25 years of stock trading knowledge, also launched a stock picking competition for me. So, I did what any red-blooded American would do – I accepted.

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