Investment banking’s Superday explained in plain language


You will likely face a diverse range of bankers, from analyst level to MD. But given that you’re within reach of an offer of over $100,000, the interviewer sheet will be stacked towards the senior side, which means fewer junior bankers than early rounds and certainly no representatives of the HR.

In terms of numbers, you can face 3 interviews or 7 or more.

As you can imagine, a real banking Superday can last anywhere from 3 hours to a good part of an entire day. And sometimes they can even spread overnight.

But don’t be afraid. Banks tend to err on the side of it, as it’s an insane logistical task to run more than 5 interviews per student and all in all a surprisingly exhausting use of bank resources.

We are of course talking about the time of senior bankers here – not $20 an hour analysts! Note the sliding scale for reach, interviews and duration; the bigger the bank and the recruiting campaign, the bigger the range/interviews/duration. No wonder BBs (bulging hooks) were the source of Superday’s infamous war stories at the time, as opposed to mid-market i-banks and low-end boutique investment banks.

Why is the focus of each superday banking interview different?

Different investigators will be tasked with testing you on different things. This is often decided based on their level.

Therefore, students can experience 40 minutes of technical questions during an interview with analyst Chuck Chuckford and 40 minutes of mind-numbing “Tell me about yourself” questions during MD Larry’s power hour. Larryson.

Let’s break it down very clearly though…

Young monkeys (analysts and associates) will throw down the gauntlet of technical questions as they try to objectively assess you for brains. Think of McGee in NCIS. If you have a finance and accounting degree or worse – a banking internship – under your belt, expect to be pushed a lot harder than someone with a liberal arts major.

While the technical finance questions may hurt, the investment banking accounting interview questions won’t – they’re relatively easy.

Meanwhile, the grizzled monkeys (MD Larryson and the other BSDs) will get “fit” and “you” mad as they try to answer the question “Would Richard make a strong member of the team and do I want to work with him? For that, think of Gibbs in NCIS. But don’t forget that Larry will also like to ask you (with a straight face) “How many 128-slide presentation manuals would fit in a chartered Lear Jet to Greenland?”*. In other words, interviews with grizzled monkeys will often involve both technical and ad hoc questions. The Masters of the Universe will give you a taste of everything!

Finally, it should be noted that several interviews in the same bank may also overlap both in theme and in the specific questions asked. It’s on purpose. Much like a computer-driven personality test, this repetition process allows bankers to spot inconsistencies in your answers over time when sharing notes at the end of the day.

Were you lying about your leadership experience at Chucky Cheese? Either way, they’ll know.

Source by Richard F.

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