Investing In Yourself: Why You Should Start Investing In Yourself


The word “investment” is used in so many ways. The word is even used where it does not exactly belong. So, why and how exactly do you invest in yourself? I’ll walk you through 3 great reasons why you should start investing in yourself and provide some ways to invest wisely in yourself and your future! By the end, I hope it becomes clear how important it is to invest in yourself and start that investment today!

3 good reasons to invest in yourself

1. Confidence building – Investing in yourself will give you a huge boost in confidence. Knowing that you are growing mentally or financially or in any other way is an amazing and rewarding feeling. It can allow you to achieve personal goals, find new ways to become better financially or romantically or whatever, or even just move forward in your current career. It also allows an open door for you to have more respect and love for yourself because you realize that you are committed to dealing with such things and are going to do it.

2. Higher income – If you want to earn a lot of money, you will have to invest in yourself. Before anyone wants to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first. If you do this in an educational way, you will be able to achieve possible growth in almost any industry available. Education is something that you should never stop growing, learning as much as you can and watching as you reach potential that you never thought possible. Have you ever wanted to be rich?

3. You are worth it – The main reason for investing in yourself is that you are worth it! I try to get this message planted in the minds of my children because it is a very valuable lesson. You should never settle for being less than your potential can actually achieve. Every day should be a rewarding challenge to develop your potential to new heights. If you think you are worth more than what you have in any situation, you will see massive growth in everything you do. This reason for investing in yourself is by far the most important.

2 great ways to invest in yourself

1. On the educational level – There are all kinds of different ways to invest in yourself educationally and it is highly recommended that you do so. Your brain can hold a lot of information! Do not be afraid of education, accept it and welcome it! Any seminar or workshop you’ve been invited to or heard about recently that you haven’t thought about anything, start thinking about it! I’m not a real estate professional, I don’t even own a fully paid home yet. However, I have attended countless real estate seminars just because I love to be informed! If I ever decide to pursue a career in real estate, I am already ready.

2. Financially – I understand that this one will be tricky especially if you have little funds available to start. However, if you want to dramatically increase your income level, investing in yourself financially is an absolute must! You can do this with stocks, real estate, a business, or anything else that can earn you income. If you are doing this, you must be looking for the ROI! Personally, I don’t do stocks because I don’t see a good enough return on my investment. Fortunately, there are many other ways to invest financially in yourself with a fantastic return on your investment, such as real estate or direct selling.

A few final tips

1. make a five-year plan – Have you ever done this in college or high school or maybe you even had to tell a potential employer during an interview? Well, people do this for a reason. Writing things down in general makes it easier to keep information and commit to doing what you write. So make your five-year plan and put it somewhere you can see it on a daily basis! When stress overwhelms you, this plan will usually calm you down a bit, letting you realize that you are exactly where you want to be in your stages of reaching your potential and your ultimate goals.

2. Roll the ball – I’m a huge planner! I plan everything I do strategically. I plan exactly how I’m going to brew my coffee in the morning! Yes it is so extreme but I like it! Planning is great, however, you must learn to act! I was one of those people in whom to think and plan everything but not do much! I had to Get The Ball Rollin ‘and after I finished planning I had to start executing my plan!

Investing in yourself and in your future is very important if you want to achieve big goals or big dreams. Ask anyone who has been very successful in anything and they will tell you how important it is and how much they have had to do to get to where they are now. Don’t be afraid to put money on the line for a potential reward later. Just make sure your money is going to something that will be rewarding and has a high ROI!

Source by Dustin Hale

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