Invest in your professional development


I have been speaking professionally for many years and am very comfortable in front of an audience. Despite this, I still feel the need to learn more about the art of speaking. The best place for me to learn is at the feet of those who are successful beyond where I am now. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for resources that will take me to the next level of expertise. When I find someone I admire and want to emulate, I order their products, study them, and apply ideas that match my style.

A percentage of my earnings each month goes into this process. It is a fact that the professional development of a speaker is of utmost importance if you want to improve yourself and keep making progress.

The one area that interests me the most and where my need for improvement is greatest is the business aspect of speaking. Not only is it important, but it is vitally important. Some speakers say that learning to market yourself and your services

should be the focal point of every speaker.

In my ongoing research on how to market myself as a speaker, I have chosen a lot of strategies that really work, but I’m always looking for more. So my monthly investment in professional development.

There are people in our company whose experience and expertise can really help you grow as a speaker. These are the people you want to access. If I get the results you want, go to my material. The important thing is to find someone who can take you to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to pay for the information you need. Just make sure the person you buy a product from offers a 100% no questions asked guarantee. With this kind of guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If someone buys my product and isn’t happy with what they’re getting, I don’t want them to have it. Return it and your money will be refunded to you without hesitation and without question. I have to say that in the five years I have been selling my public speaking books and CDs, I have only had one returned and one was returned to me with a yellow marker. Some people!!!

The people I seek advice and wisdom from are Burt Dubin and Tom Antion. These speakers have achieved a position in the speaking profession that I want to achieve so I am studying them. I subscribe to their newsletters and buy their products. Both impressed me and their material was definitely worth the money. Burt and Tom provide access to free articles and both are ready to answer questions when contacted.

If you want to take a look at their sites, just type their name and the word speaker into your favorite search engine and they will appear. They are worth the detour.

The message of this article is important. Find someone above your level. Build trust with this person and invest in your professional development. The dividends are well worth the expense.

Source by Mike Moore

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