How to Flip Stocks and Get Rich


There is no other job in the world than to return actions to earn a living. You never have to get up when you wake up, fight traffic or sit during meetings. In fact, you can watch t.v. while trading stocks or be at the beach or just about anywhere in the world.

I quit my job after learning these tips on my own and I have never had any regrets since then. You can have complete freedom and wealth by trading small stocks if you use these tips.

1. Use a discount brokerage account – Everything from filling out the account application to depositing money, including trading stocks, everything can be done online. Trading costs will be by far the highest costs you have for stocks, so it's important to keep them as low as possible. Any discount brokerage that charges less than $ 5 / transaction is fine. Sogotrade ($ 3 / exchange, $ 500 deposit) and Tradeking ($ 4.95 / exchange, $ 0 deposit) are both excellent discount brokers who also have excellent research tools.

2. Keep losses low – When trading stocks for cents, you will have more losers than winners, so the key is to keep losses low. You can do this by setting stop loss orders after each stock purchase, which will set predetermined sell orders when a stock drops 10-20% from where you place it ; have purchased.

3. Let the winners roll – The way to get rich by trading small stocks is to let your winner go as high as possible. When you start to feel uneasy about how much the price has gone up, sell half and lock in your profits and leave the other half on the market.

4. Get expert stock picks – Once you've traded small stocks for 6 to 12 months, you will likely develop the knowledge and experience to start selecting stocks yourself. Until then, pleadings are looking for an expert website with daily buying choices, because your wealth depends entirely on those stock picks.

If you follow the above tips and keep the emotion out of the trading process, you will be able to reverse the actions and get rich. Above all, realize that the first months of negotiation will be the most difficult, so stay positive and stay persistent.

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