Guitar books for beginners – "I am addicted to books"


Beginner’s guitar books are the one and only reason I learned to play guitar. You see, I’m wrapped up in the modern era, just like a lot of people. Every day when I’m at work, I’m constantly on my computer – email, research, the Internet. It makes me less eager to pay much attention to my computer once I’m home. I’ve always wanted to take guitar lessons, but never found an instructor that fit my schedule, and I didn’t want to take my lessons from the computer screen. I wanted to take lessons at my own pace and where I wanted. The best solution was to invest in the books that taught you how to play the guitar.

The decision process

After checking out all the guitar lesson books available to me, I saw that I needed to find some criteria to narrow down my choices. Wow! There are a lot of books there. Oddly enough, the best way for me to make this comparison was on the internet. I could find the information and reviews fastest that way. I had chosen to play the guitar over all the other instruments because it is part of all the cultures of the world in some way. They may choose to call it guitarra, gitarre, guitar, or sihtar, but it’s the same thing. It was good to know all the name variations for my research, because there were great options that used those phrases interchangeably. In the end, my criteria ended up being:

* The use of simple terms

* How many lessons were in the book

* Diagrams were a must

* I wanted a companion CD to listen to

* Have some songs in there

* Teach me to read music too

After researching the most popular and highly recommended books that fit my criteria, I easily found a great book to get started with.

My book made learning easier

I happened to have a few days I needed to take off before I lost them, so I took them off and made no other plans other than playing guitar during the day. My family wasn’t there because of work and school. So the day was literally game time for me for two days in a row – I hadn’t taken time for myself like this in a long time. It was totally worth it. I made my traveling guitar lessons take me to a new level. I followed my book and read the lessons, practiced what they told me to do and listened to how it should sound. With my criteria all met, I found success in those first two days. I had learned some basic chords and practiced enough. The second night, I organized a small concert for my family and they all cheered me on. My kids thought it was pretty cool that I learned to play and even said I was kind of like an old guitar player (I frowned at the old one, but I liked that I could be related to something they thought was pretty cool).

continue lessons

After a month, I was ready for my next book. I had found time to play, if only 15 minutes, almost every day. It was great and my family thought it was great that I took time for myself. They said it made me in a better mood and more relaxed. Sometimes my children would encourage me to play more – wary! Now I have a total of 12 books and usually buy a new one about once a month. That’s great. Even better, the same criteria that I set for myself at the beginning apply to each book. I can play more than 30 songs by heart and read music for many more.

It’s official and certainly true. I am addicted to books. There’s no better way to learn guitar than buying beginner guitar books.

Source by Daniel J Turner

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