Guide to the best investment opportunities for 2020 and beyond – Pharmaceuticals and more


Are you interested in investing but don’t know exactly which markets and sectors to consider? You are not alone – there are a lot of newbies and casual investors who also need a lot of advice. It never hurts to diversify your portfolio, but you probably already know it. Never put all of your money in one investment. That being said, what are the best investment opportunities right now? Which ones should you definitely check out?

Here are some industries and markets that have the potential to bring huge returns over the next few years.


Japanese stock markets have long been shunned. However, they are currently among the cheapest in the world. There is evidence that “Abenomics” (the policies proposed by Shinzo Abe) appear to bring slow but real improvements to the country’s underlying economy. Plus, it’s no secret that Japan is a technological leader, and has been for twenty years now. For international investors, medium-sized companies can offer attractive opportunities for long-term stability, as large companies face market share losses and “fast-growing” companies are more vulnerable to crashes.

Drones and robotics

While so many people invest in the companies that sell the drones, you might be better off investing in the manufacturers that make the parts. Indeed, drone technology is still in its infancy. Like all electronics, drones will only evolve and become more advanced over time. To diversify your portfolio a bit more, consider investing in stores and businesses that use drones now and are financially stable enough to continue using them in the future (Amazon).


ULTA Beauty has experienced strong growth over the past 5 years despite setbacks in the retail industry. The store network continues to expand considerably. There are strong indicators that this beauty / spa store offers the best investment opportunities in the retail industry. ULTA is not only an online retail giant, but it also has a network of over 1,100 stores, and that number is expected to approach 2,000 over the next decade. In the first half of 2019, ULTA Beauty shares gained 42% (NASDAQ) and 17% increase in the S&P 500.

Aerie Pharma (AERI)

Why not add pharmaceuticals to your portfolio? This particular company has focused heavily on developing treatments for eye diseases such as glaucoma. AERI has already successfully developed two glaucoma drugs with the first MoA (Mechanism of Action) in nearly two decades. With a strong first product launch, limited competition in the glaucoma treatment industry, and strong management execution, all indications are that this company is worth the investment.

These are just a few ideas where to start. Always research the best investment opportunities before making any decision. Capital Exploits is the best place to learn more. All the resources and tools are straightforward and straightforward, even for complete beginners.

Source by George Botwin

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