Garage Doors: Understanding Your Options


It is important to have a place to park your car so that it is not on the street or in the elements. Garage doors are probably one of the first things people notice about your home. In fact, for most families, this is the primary way in and out of the house. When it comes time to replace this structure, you have several options.

Materials make the entrance

Many visitors will judge the appearance of your home based on their first impression of the exterior, including the large garage doors in your residence. Choosing the right material can make or break the overall aesthetic quality of your home.

The wood gives the facade a natural look. This option has multiple layers to prevent the panels from warping over time. Besides giving your home a natural and earthy look, wood is easy to paint or stain to match your decorating style.

Aluminum panels are lightweight and easy to maintain. Due to the construction, it can remain rust free. It is also available in multiple colors, making it easy for you to choose something that matches your style. However, aluminum warps more easily than steel, which means you may need to have them repaired more often.

Steel garage doors are the strongest on the market. They are made with two coats of galvanized steel and can be painted to match your home. They will dent if touched, but not as easily as aluminum. Unlike aluminum, they're prone to rust and corrosion, so you need to keep them well-maintained, especially if you live in a coastal area.

Vinyl options are ideal for those with busy kids. They're built on a steel frame to give them durability, and they're hard to dent or break. While they don't have as many color options as steel or aluminum, you can find something to suit your home. You don't have to do much more than rinse them every now and then.

Style is just as important

The style of your garage doors is just as important as their appearance. In fact, the way it opens can play a big part in the final look. Sectionals are the most common style. However, this is not the only option you have available.

Swing style doors open as a set of French doors. They offer strong vertical lines, helping to integrate the garage into the rest of your home. This particular style is more energy efficient because of the top seal. Also, they only have one joint instead of multiple hinge points like on a section. Of course, when using this type of door you need to make sure you park out of the way so that they open without hitting your vehicle.

Overhead doors are traditionally made from a single piece of wood that lifts up and slides into the top. This type usually leaves a small portion sticking out and is often referred to as an awning. Although this type is popular, some companies will not install or maintain them due to the excess weight. Unlike sectionals, this weight can be dangerous and is known to cause injury.

By installing garage doors that complement the style and color of your home, you can greatly improve the curb appeal of your sidewalk. It can also help breathe new life into an outdated look.

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