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Ranjan Bhattacharya is a full-time real estate investor and developer. He has worked in the property investment industry since 1990. He has 17 years of experience developing residential and commercial properties in London and is the author of bestselling books including ‘Build Your Property’ and ‘Home Study Races”.

Ranjan Bhattacharya is the founder of YourPropertyEmpire. With this website, he shares his unique approach to real estate investing with others. He made profits in every phase of the market cycle; even in the early 1990s, when investment markets weren’t as favourable.

As its website quotes, it’s “Only for serious property investors in the UK”. The main features of his websites are his “Home Study Courses” and “One Day Real Estate Entrepreneurship Course”.

home study course

His home study course includes the Proven UK Property Investment System, which offers a step-by-step analysis of the UK property investment system. According to Rajan, a successful real estate investor must understand the cycle of the real estate market and then must be able to detect the changing phases of this cycle and the third thing is that different investment strategies must be adopted with changing market conditions.

Hundreds of well-known personalities in the real estate investment market have benefited from Ranjan’s proven real estate investment system by attending his “One-Day Real Estate Entrepreneurship Course”.

He’s incorporated his proven real estate investing system into an ultimate home-study course called “Build Your Real Estate Empire: Now’s the Time.” As described, this is a UK property investment seminar in a box. This book has 13 sessions, which clearly explains the entire proven real estate investment system step by step. This manual gives you all the information you need about real estate investing, including the fundamentals of real estate investing, its well explained real estate market system. This book also covers how to research, ways to find below market value property, offers and ways to deal with them and much more.

This book also gives you detailed information on property taxes, then value added and taxation of capital appreciation through renovation. Managing a portfolio is very important for any real estate investor, this book gives you strategies to manage your portfolio. With this book, you will receive “Manage Your Property Empire”, the Deal Analyzer software tool and the lifetime subscription to the “Your Property Empire Newsletter” absolutely free. This course material also has a 90 day money back guarantee.

The one-day real estate entrepreneurship course is a very informative course for any real estate investor. In this course, investors can learn about many practical real estate investment strategies. All of these strategies discussed in class are supported by real case studies. Many of these seminars will charge upwards of £3000 for their seminars and they last several days. This “One Day Real Estate Entrepreneurship” course will be for a single day and that too with very reasonable fees.

Along with this “One-Day Real Estate Entrepreneurship Course” and books, his website also offers mentorship programs and free resources for real estate investors. Visit his site to learn more and to contribute to your own success. Bookmark it too and check back often for updates.

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