Engage Mutual Funds Limited


Engage is a financial services company established for over twenty – six years in the financial services industry. In 2005, Engage Mutual Assurance was launched as a business subsidiary of Homeowners Friendly Society Limited.

They are the UK's leading provider of tax exempt savings plans, children's trust funds and over 50 life insurance. Engage Mutual Funds Limited is dedicated to providing cost effective, simple and easily accessible products. The products are designed to improve the well-being of people.

Engage in partnerships with Park Row Associates and SimplyBiz in the independent financial advisor market and provide an excellent level of support to meet their needs.

Engage received the Investor in People Award in 2001 and has maintained that standard ever since and in 2006 its employees received a Gold Award for their charitable contributions through their "Give as You Earn" program.

Engage Children's Savings and Investment Solutions include two programs, the 'Engage Child Trust Fund' and the 'Junior Easy Save'. Both are affordable investment and savings options.

The Engage Child Trust Fund allows your child's savings to benefit from the latent growth of stock market investments; this is a stakeholder account. Features of this account include:

o No hidden fees, just a simple 1.5% annual management fee guaranteed for the life of the account.

o Accepting deposits from £ 5 and various savings methods. Children's trust funds are usually set at a minimum of £ 10.

o The growth potential of the stock market, engages Child Trust Fund invests in a variety of stocks with different companies, this allocation of the investment offers reduced risk while taking advantage of the potential growth of stock market investments.

o The 'lifestyle' option which means if you select this option the money will be moved gradually, at the child's 13 year old age, from medium to high risk then weak and vice versa, until the child reaches the age of 17 when the money is completely transferred.

Any child residing in the UK and born on 1 September 2002 or after, and for whom child allowance is claimed, is entitled to receive from the government a £ 250 Child Trust Fund voucher, this amount increases to £ 500 for children. lower income. families. On the child's 7th birthday, another payment is made to the Child Trust Fund, again £ 250 or £ 500 depending on family income.

Engage is the UK's leading provider of children's trust funds and is committed to helping you with all the information you need to set up a Child Thrust fund. They invest in stocks and stocks of a range of companies listed on the FTSE 100, with the aim of achieving long-term capital growth, while spreading risk.

Once a contribution has been made to the Children's Trust Fund, it is owned by the child and remains in the same account until the child turns 18, after what the funds belong to that child.

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