Daniel Onoja: the man who earns $ 50,000 a week in Nigeria


Many may doubt the veracity of the title – the usual Nigerian media fairy tale. It’s your opinion, but it’s a stack truth. He is neither a footballer, never at the rank of Hushpuppy, nor a politician, nor an oil tycoon, nor a real estate broker. Daniel Onoja makes his money from network marketing. He practices his trade on the OMEGAPRO platform – MLM with double barrel earning opportunities.

Listening to the young man, he is a normal young and dynamic Nigerian. It is different in that it focuses on getting the best out of OmegaPro. He’s taken OmegaPro’s business so seriously that many tag it – talk and get rich. He is among the best employees of OmegaPro in Nigeria. OmegaPro is a high leverage financial services provider offering: Forex trading and investing, banking and cryptocurrency trading.

The fact that this young man of around 35 is earning $ 50,000 (fifty thousand USD) per week from his Forex investment with OmegaPro while living comfortably in Nigeria speaks volumes. He is in the business of the 21st century – Online business mixed with MLM. It is curious to gain such an amount of mouth watering every week amid the global economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Daniel Onoja has deployed a unique system in his network marketing – Zoom meetings and seminars are his precisely calibrated cannonballs. He hosts Zoom meetings almost every day while Saturdays are days of seminars with a large audience. Via these avenues, prospects register. By December 2020, it had affected around 20,000 Nigerians. Traveling across Nigeria to spread the good news of Forex investing with OmegaPro and the other trading opportunities they offer has grown their network which is responsible for the weekly income of $ 50,000.

In Nigeria today, around 10 networkers with OmegaPro will join Daniel Onoja to earn the same number every week in a few weeks. This set of networkers just repeated the system of Zoom meetings and regular seminars. According to these top performers, the first four (4) months can seem slow. However, once a dozen dynamic and engaged networkers join your team, your weekly income increases rapidly – you earn for all of their efforts. Remember that Network Marketing thrives by leveraging the efforts of countless others.


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Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CxK2YFWBU4S6F7olfayUcL

Our goal is to increase each member’s NETWORTH at N10M over the next 24 months.

Strategy: Networking

Product: Forex

Platform: OmegaPro

Our financial plan has been tested and it is a huge success. Everything we do is a repeat of what about 1000 people have done in Nigeria.

Welcome aboard.

New entrants don’t need to worry about marketing. Once you are ready to learn and teach, you are good to go. There is an existing support system available to you. All you will do is change any of your choices to suit your needs. There are many marketing models to use, especially on Facebook Marketing. Leaders are also available to support their downline networking – they fund some of their new Zoom events and run seminars.

Reaching the level where you earn $ 50,000 is the pinnacle of networking on the OmegaPro platform. To reach this level, you need to have around 1,800 downlines. The good news about trading opportunities with OmegaPro is that if you do your homework really well, in less than a year you will be earning N1,000,000.00 (one million Naira) per week through network bonuses. This does not include the guaranteed 300% on any of the Forex packages invested over a period of 13 months.

As Daniel Onoja is accredited to have said – you might not be a traditional networker, but you can take advantage of OmegaPro’s business opportunities to raise capital for your dream projects.

Source by Kingsley Chinaemerem Igwenazor

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