Coaching offers a return on investment


The most valuable investment a business can make is in its employees by helping them to develop their skills, their creativity, their resources and to reach their full potential. Likewise, personal development is one of the smartest investments you can make in yourself. The return is worth it. It’s an investment in YOU!

The strength and productivity of today’s organizations depends on a workforce that is ready to meet current and future market needs, to adapt and react quickly to changing economic conditions, to be competitive successfully on a global scale and to leverage its resources and skills to good effect.

framing offers the organization opportunities for growth and optimization by developing the skills of its leaders and employees. Coaching offers every player in the organization the opportunity to “play at the top of their game”. Coaching supports the creation of an exciting, challenging and enjoyable work environment where employees continually learn and are motivated to strive for success. Coaching dramatically increases the return on investment achieved by helping companies identify, develop and utilize employee skills for optimal performance. The proof is in the research. As a coach, I have met so many clients on a personal and professional level who are positively transforming their lives and careers through coaching.

I use a brain-based coaching approach that uses neuroscience principles. My techniques involve stimulating the part of the prefrontal cortex of the brain which is responsible for insight, thinking, decision making and impulse control. I do this by asking powerful questions that prompt the person to think and understand. It generates a lot of excitement and energy. When the brain is excited and finds meaning and significance in new learning, it opens up the sensory register to allow for new ways of thinking and acting. This new learning is ultimately stored long term where it is used continuously. New habits of success are formed and hardwired into the brain. Actions are now done automatically.

Customers are now equipped to embrace and manage change to their advantage. Positive transformations are happening. It’s incredible! They see new opportunities, new ways of doing things. They move forward with vigor and confidence to work on their goals which are finally achieved! It’s an amazing process to go through and for me, as a coach, an amazing process to see clients go from stuck to unstoppable. They reach their full potential and beyond.

Coaching is for the person who wants to take their life to the next level. I offer a FREE session for people to experience the process and then the choice is theirs. Coaching is a choice you make to make it work. Think about it. Does this fit into your life plan. If so, continue to create a life that matters.

Three major studies illustrate a tremendous return on investment in Coaching:

¨ Executive Coaching ROI Case Study by Dr. Merrill C. Anderson. A study commissioned by a major Fortune 500 company demonstrated a coaching ROI of 529% and significant intangible business benefits.

The financial benefits of employee retention drove the overall ROl to 788%. The study provided powerful new insights into how to maximize the business impact of executive coaching.

¨ Olivero, Bane & Kopelmann Public Personnel Management Washington; winter 1997; ISSN: 0091026). This 1997 study concluded that follow-up coaching combined with a supervisor training program increased productivity by an incredible 88%. The same study concluded that training alone increased productivity by 22.4%. Result: Coaching increased productivity by more than 300%.

¨ The Manchester, Inc. survey was published in the proceedings of the ICF Annual Conference in August 2001. A study of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies showed that nine out of ten executives believe coaching is worth their time and money because it provides a return on investment of six times the cost of supervision.

The study showed that the business benefits were improvements in:

¨ Productivity 53%

¨ Quality 48%

¨ Customer service 39%

¨ Reduced customer complaints by 34%

¨ Retention of executives 32%

¨ 23% cost reduction

¨ Overall profitability 22%

Benefits for executives were improvements in:

¨ Working relationships with direct reports 77%

¨ Work relations with immediate superiors 71%

¨ Teamwork 67%

¨ Working relationships with peers 63%

¨ Job satisfaction 61%

¨ Conflict reduction 52%

¨ Organizational commitment 44%

¨ Working relationships with customers 37%

Companies are increasingly turning to coaching for employee development, productivity improvement, leadership development and talent retention. Individuals turn to coaching to create a life that matters, one of love and pleasure. The results speak for themselves. Coaching is an investment in you.

Source by Carol Giannantonio

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