Benefits of Self Managed Super Funds


When using an SMSF as an alternative to a managed super fund, you'll quickly see that many benefits flow from it.

Take control

A self gives you the opportunity to decide where your funds are invested. Whether it's actions, bonds, real estate or cash, you can choose exactly the amount of your investment in which option and when you want to transfer the investments if the market changes. This really allows you to make the most of every situation experienced by the financial market.

Lower tax payable

The retirement pension is subject to a 15% tax on contributions, earnings and the last payment of the fund. Many people choose to make additional payments because the tax is well below what is calculated on regular income. This can mean that thousands of extra dollars are accumulated over the course of life.


All self-directed super funds are protected against bankruptcy and other legal claims. If something happens, your retirement nest egg is safe.

Reduced fees

One of the biggest benefits of a SMSF is the reduction in fees that it offers to administrators. will charge their annual fees based on your super account balance, so the more you have on the account, the more they'll get. These fees increase not only as your nest egg grows, but they are calculated on a sliding scale as a percentage. On the other hand, a self-payment will only be a package that will never increase as your super account grows.

Other benefits

* Self-managed super funds are allowed to control the timing and disposition of assets. This means that if you get an asset today and it increases by a certain percentage when you retire, you can transfer it to your compliant pension fund and you pay no tax on it. the capital gain realized on the asset.

* SMSF authorizes tax-deductible insurance premiums.

* There are no minimum contributions or constraints on the frequency of contributions to a self-directed super fund.

A lot of the benefits that come with a self-managed super fund, but it's important to know if they meet your requirements, so you can get the most out of your super.

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