Belize Real Estate – The Investment Hot Spot


Belize’s tourism industry is undergoing a major transformation. The boom is evident everywhere. It is therefore not surprising to find international real estate investors rushing to invest in real estate in Belize.

From its pristine Caribbean shores to its lush jungle, Belize abounds in stunning natural beauty. As Belize’s tourism industry realizes its potential, the real estate market is struggling to keep up with the increased demand for real estate in Belize from foreign real estate investors. If recent statistics are any indicator, then Belize is well on its way to becoming the next hot destination for international real estate investors.

One of the most popular expat destinations in Latin America, Belize offers real benefits including lower cost of living, better quality of life, amazing real estate opportunities, lower taxes and potential prolific trader. Belize real estate listings are an excellent source of information for those looking to invest in real estate here. Prime residential properties, commercial land, and business locations like hotels and resorts are listed on these sites, so investors can access all the information they need in one place.

Real estate in Belize offers excellent investment potential in the current market scenario due to several factors specific to this Central American country. It is a tax haven where investors do not have to pay capital gains or inheritance tax. Property taxes are extremely low, at just 1% of the market value of undeveloped land. Land titles can be easily transferred without going through complicated legal processes like in other countries.

There are countless reasons why real estate investors find investing here an attractive option. Foreign real estate investors can purchase property without any prequalifications or restrictions. Government rules are very flexible and have no deterrent effect on investors. Belize, the only Central American country with English as a first language, has a stable government and a growing economy. The cost of living is cheap and there are benefits in retirement. In fact, there is no place in Central America where property is available at such incredible rates.

The best real estate for sale in Belize can come from well-managed real estate portals. Real estate companies help investors go through the buying process with little or no hassle. They work closely with their client from the initial point of contact until the moment of transfer of ownership. All real estate properties listed in Belize are researched to ensure titles are clear.

Source by Albertina Belmont

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