(India) That’s why people like sharing beds with pets, the survey came as a surprise


New Delhi: A very surprising thing has been revealed in the survey conducted on those keeping pets. According to the survey, these people share beds with their dog cats because they feel more secure with them.
In a survey conducted above 2000 people, about two-thirds believed that their pet dogs sleep with cats. 3 out of 10 of them believed that sharing a bed with them made them feel safe.

More than a third of people believed that they do not feel lonely when sleeping in bed with their pet dog cats. At the same time, 37 percent of the people believed that sleeping with their pets makes them feel connected.

According to the report , Animal Expert Professor Peter Neville said that it is clear from this survey that sharing beds with our pets is part of our lives, it shows the strength of the relationship between the two. This is exactly as common as two members living together in a house.

For us, the key factor for a bedroom relationship is comfort, happiness, touch, belonging and a sense of security. Especially the people who keep dogs surely realize these things.

While cats make a mother feel like a mother in the house, dogs behave like a mature social animal who gives a sense of security as well as belonging to the house. More than half of the people believed that sharing beds with their pets makes them feel more comfortable than any human partner.

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