(Russia) Airbus may develop a non-polluting aircraft by 2030


Airbus could potentially develop a non-polluting aircraft by 2030. This was reported on Saturday by Bloomberg, citing Sandra Schaeffer, executive director of Airbus ExO Alpha.

According to the agency, this is a 100-seater aircraft that will operate regional flights. Bloomberg recalls that major aircraft manufacturers agreed to halve carbon emissions by 2050. “Today there is no single solution for fulfilling obligations in 2050, but there are a number of decisions that, if put together, will lead to this goal,” said Schaeffer. In her opinion, the technology will vary depending on the type and size of the aircraft. She believes that while the latest technology will help reduce emissions of large airliners, small airplanes carrying out local transportation could fly without harmful emissions by 2030.

According to her, the company is working on several methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In particular, she explained that in collaboration with its partners, including engine manufacturers, Airbus is exploring alternative fuels, as well as ways to improve

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