(Korea) Local food, farm materials center, gas station!


Local food stores, where producers and consumers coexist, are becoming increasingly popular.

Increasingly, there is a growing number of facilities in one place for farmers, including local marts and agricultural materials centers.

Efforts are also being made to help rural and farmers, which are becoming increasingly difficult.

This is reporter Kim Beom-hwan.

Jin Wan-seop, who grows paprika, has been worried about selling this year.

[Jin Wan-seop / Paprika Farmers: I can really learn what consumers need, and I think their income has increased by 30% than when we sell them.]

Increasingly, local co-existing food stores connect producers and consumers.

Local produce that is neatly laid out in a spacious space, consumers can buy fresh food with confidence.

[Hwang Hyun-ok / Consumer: I think it can be helpful to revitalize the local economy, and I think it’s good to be able to purchase one place at a time, rather than seeing the market separately.]

Nonghyup is also increasing to provide one-stop services for farmers.

There are marts, agricultural materials centers, financial stores, and gas stations all in one place to reduce farmers’ feet.

[Moon, Byung-wan / President of Jeonnam Boseong Agricultural Cooperative: As the economic workplaces are divided into several places, farmers are uncomfortable to use them, so we try to give our farmers members profits by activating economic business and achieve 50 million won of farm income. We have established a place here. “In order to achieve 50 million won in farming income, efforts are being made to increase productivity, such as reducing farming costs and direct sowing.]

[Kim Byung-won / Chairman of the NACF: It is obvious that the NACF exists because there are farmers.

As the government has decided to abandon its status as a developing country, the rice industry is facing a crisis again in 26 years, and the preemptive measures for the future of farmers and rural areas, such as the introduction of public direct payment system, observation of agricultural supply and demand, innovation of distribution structure, etc. It is to be noted that.

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