(Korea) Airbnb checks around the world after ‘Halloween Shooting’


Accommodation sharer Airbnb has decided to validate all of its accommodations for the first time in 11 years.

Local CEO Brian Cesky Airbnb announced today that it plans to fully validate its seven million Airbnb accommodations by the end of 2020.

We are reviewing the host and the host on Airbnb, ensuring that the photos and information are accurate and that the location meets safety standards.

However, the verification method is expected to be a system that combines company and community monitoring, instead of Airbnb’s on-site verification of every house.

Airbnb CEO said, “We’ll ask the guests to fill in the ‘reviews’ after they stay, and we will gather the information in a way that Airbnb verifies that the information is correct.”

It also plans to establish a hotline so that guests can ’emergency contact’ in case of problems at the property.

The measures were announced after the shootings took place at an Airbnb Halloween party in California in October, and Airbnb has announced that it will ban the ‘House House’ from the 2nd. Was criticized as ‘unsealed’.

Airbnb quotes its own statistic that “2 million people fall asleep at Airbnb’s quarters every night,” said Airbnb.

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