(Korea) 52-hour workweek expansion, citrus distribution ’emergency’


From November to January, 80% citrus fruit production52-hour workweek extensionCitrus Distribution Disruption Concerns”Now get twice the workforce”…Difficulty recruiting

The NACF Agricultural Products Distribution Center is busy as the tangerines are shipped.

To handle shipments, we need to be up and running 24 hours starting next month.

I’m facing 52 hours a week from next year, so I’m not worried.

This is KCTV’s reporter Kim Soo-yeon.

It is a agricultural product distribution center in Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si.

Workers picking out non-product citrus fruits are busy.

In the midst of full-scale citrus shipments, night shifts are made, but there is not enough work.

From November to January, when more than 80% of citrus production is concentrated, production centers must be operated 24 hours.

In this situation, I am planning to introduce a 52-hour work week starting next year.

The Nonghyup argues that there will be many problems with the distribution of citrus fruits due to lack of manpower.

When the 52-hour work week is introduced, it is necessary to find workers nearly twice as large as the current workforce.

[Sung Beom Kim / President of Jungmun Agricultural Cooperative: I have been advertising for two months ago to find a manpower in the newspaper.

Even fixed skilled workers who receive more than 3 million won per month due to overtime pay may be avoided if their salary is reduced.

[Agricultural Product Distribution Center Workers: Salaries will definitely decrease. In addition, work processing is problem, too… . I only have a lot of work in winter. here is… .]

The NACF expects that shipments will be delayed and distribution costs will increase, leading to burdens on farmers.

Following the Jeju City and Citrus Agricultural Cooperatives, the remaining 19 agricultural cooperatives must introduce a 52-hour workweek starting next year.

Each union council continues to suggest parliamentarians and political parties to review the 52-hour work week exception, but there is no solution.

Although full-blown citrus fruits have begun, there is growing concern over distribution due to an emergency in manpower supply.

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