(India) Jio raised questions on the crisis in the telecom sector! COAI, Airtel and Vodafone in the dock


New Delhi: The ongoing war of words between Jio and other telecom operators is intensifying. Jio has responded to the letter written by COAI to DOT and denied any type of crisis in the sector. Jio has accused COAI of becoming the mouthpiece of just two entities. In fact, COAI wrote a letter to the Department of Telecommunications, in which they asked the government to ease the financial pressure in the telecom sector.

Accused of supporting only two companies

Jio has accused COAI of supporting only two companies. Jio has clarified in a letter to COAI that this behavior of the Organization of Organizations (COAI) towards Jio proves that COAI is not an industry organization, but is the mouthpiece of two service providers.

Jio denied any allegations made in the letter sent by COAI to the Department of Telecommunications. Jio said the failure of the two operators has not affected the sector. Also, it has not had any impact on digitization and government programs. In a letter to the DOT, COAI has mentioned the problems caused by the financial pressure on the telecom sector.

Supreme court order reminded

Along with this, Jio has accused COAI of giving wrong arguments. Jio has drawn the attention of the COAI to the Supreme Court’s order and said that the operators have enough capacity to pay all the dues of the government.

The COAI should function as an institution and instead of questioning the order of the Supreme Court, the members of the institution should be asked to respect the order of the Supreme Court. Jio has targeted this arrogance in the telecom sector without naming a company.

Jio discontinues free calling facility on all networks

It is noteworthy that Jio has stopped the facility of free calling on all networks earlier this month citing IUC charge. Jio, while discontinuing the facility of free calling on other networks, had said that it had to pay Rs 13,500 crore every month to rival companies like Airtel and Vodafone.

Because of which she is imposing a charge on Jio consumers. Jio has charged its customers 6 paise per second for calling on other networks. Along with this, Deo has also released many new recharge plans.

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