(India) Mandi: The economy is showing improvement due to the steps of the government- Tata Steel CEO


Jamshedpur: Amidst signs of sluggishness in the economy, Tata Steel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Managing Director TV Narendran said on Saturday that the steps taken by the government to improve the condition of the economy have started showing in some areas. Although Narendran said that there is a slowdown in the auto sector, but there is improvement in other sectors. It is noteworthy that October saw a slight respite after a steady decline in sales of the vehicle sector over the past several months.

On the question of sluggishness in the economy on behalf of ‘Bhasha’, apart from the tribal dialogue program organized by Tata Steel here, Narendra said, ‘The economy is fine. It is improving. The government is taking steps. “Though he said, ‘There is a little slackness in the auto sector, but we are seeing improvement in other sectors.’

Significantly, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has made several big announcements one after the other to bring the sluggish economy back on track. The corporate tax has been drastically reduced. Steps have been taken to merge several banks to create large banks and to provide relief to the NBFC sector. Apart from this, funds worth Rs 25,000 crore have been announced to complete the stalled projects in the real estate sector.

Earlier, Mukhtib Narendran told the media that they are organizing dialogue programs every year. This year, representatives of more than 180 tribal communities have attended the conference. He said that this platform of Tata Steel gives the tribal community a platform to speak. Narendran hoped that this conference would help in working to solve the problems of tribals.

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