(India) Jio said – Zero ho call connectivity charge, Vodafone and Airtel want to keep charging


New Delhi: Reliance Jio said on Friday that it would affect affordable telecom services if the decision to abolish the charges for adding calls was deferred after January 2020. The company says that consumers have benefited from affordable services such as free voice calls.

Reliance Jio Director Mahendra Nahata said that now that the ratio of incoming and outgoing calls is almost equal, there is no reason why the implementation of the ‘Bill and Keep’ system can be avoided. In an open session organized by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on the IUC issue, Nahata said that Airtel has expanded the 4G network and Vodafone Idea is also talking about doing so.

He said, ‘We are not considering profit or loss, but are opposing it on the basis of principles. It is beyond our comprehension to sit far away and criticize the decision of the government or the regulator. Therefore, decisions should be taken about the points we have raised. ‘

An official of Vodafone Idea said that in today’s time consumers have the facility to choose the services of any other company except mobile number portability. He pleaded to continue the charges levied on adding calls. Bharti Airtel also opposed zeroing the charges levied on adding calls. The company demanded that the Bill and Keep system be deferred for at least three years.

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