What Are Charity Credit Cards?


If you are interested in supporting a non-profit charitable organization in your own way, getting a credit card for a charity may be better for you. With a charity card, you can support the charity of your choice at no extra cost, while benefiting from low interest rates. All you need is just to use your card when shopping, as simple as that.

Giving to charity is a great way to help people with special needs and organizations working for commendable causes. In a way, it gives you a sense of satisfaction to be able to give noble causes in a very simple and regular way. You may not be able to personally visit the beneficiaries and officials concerned, but with a charity credit card, you can make a small donation that can go very far.

Financial institutions have been using charity or affinity cards for 20 years for non-profit organizations. This type of card bears the logo of the charity group, but of a philanthropic nature.

Charity credit cards work by taking a small percentage of your purchases, balance transfers or cash advances, and donating them to charities. As long as you use the card, a small portion of what you spend will be donated to a charity. A typical donation rate is about 0.25%.

These cards usually have an annual percentage rate (APR) of 15 to 22%. Some, however, offer lower rates. Many of them charge an annual fee and offer lower incentives compared to miles or cashback rewards from other credit cards.

In the United States, there are various charity cards managed by MBNA. The cards have different categories depending on your choice – environment, animal, health and gender, among others. The most popular, however, are the American Express Red and RSPCA cards. The American Express Red supports the fight against poverty and diseases in Africa and pays up to 1.25% of your purchases. The RSPCA card, however, donates 0.25% to the animal charity.

There is also the Anne Geddes credit card, which allocates a portion of every dollar spent to the Anne Geddes Philanthrophic Trust, which focuses on preventing child abuse. The map implements a point schema. Anne Geddes is a well-known photographer who has a penchant for baby pictures.

You can also consider the Make-A-Wish credit card. This card gives $ 0.65 for every dollar you spend on the card. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is the largest international organization to grant wishes to children with serious illnesses.

If you are an ecologist, the Ducks Unlimited Points credit card in the world can be ideal for you. Ducks Unlimited is a group that works to preserve the earth and nature. The card works in two ways: if it allows a user to earn loyalty points, it also gives a percentage of your purchases to this environmentally friendly organization.

There are many other charity credit cards that you can search on the web. Getting one of them is a good way to start making regular donations to your favorite charity.

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