Wedding on the high seas and honeymoon


OK, you’ve decided to get married. You can’t decide between saving for a down payment on a home, paying off your student loans, or planning a memorable wedding.

We’re not sure about student loans, but you can save for your dream home AND have a beautiful, affordable wedding.

It’s called “Destination Weddings.”

That’s when you load family, close friends, and a few special co-workers all onto one cruise ship and head out to sea. This one-time decision can save you thousands of dollars on your wedding plans.

First, you would include the wedding and honeymoon in a lavish, high quality, and financially controlled environment.

Second, once your family and friends book their cruise, it will discount the wedding cruise package and may even give you a free cruise depending on how many guests book a cruise.

Third, cruise lines coordinate your wedding, invitations, reception, pre-wedding parties, marriage licenses, and all of your wedding details, including photography, for a set price. (usually very reasonable)

The first step to securing this type of wedding is for the bride and groom to book their cruise – cruise lines do not book the wedding until your cruise is booked. The hardest decision for the bride and groom is choosing a destination. Depending on where you live and the income bracket of your family and friends, you can choose a three-day cruise or maybe a seven-day cruise. If you choose a cruise longer than seven days, a percentage of your guests may not be able to leave for that long.

Couples who book through a travel agency almost always get better cruise packages than if a couple booked their own cruise. And depending on the travel agency you use, you can get your cruise package 100% free (this does not include the wedding package, which is charged separately.

The reception

Receptions for weddings at sea are child’s play. This means there’s no need to spend a lot on the reception when 5-course meals, served nightly, are included in the cost of the cruise. Often the wedding party has champagne, a wedding cake, and then heads to the dining room for a delicious 5-course meal. A more casual bridal party might want to move the party to the 24-hour buffet, anyway — there’s no real reason to spend a lot on food for the reception.


One of the most popular benefits of weddings at sea is that you can invite people from all over the world to view your wedding online. The wedding camera can stream your wedding over the internet, in real time, so people at home can celebrate your special day with you.

Professional wedding planner

One of the best things about a wedding at sea is having a professional wedding planner work with you on every detail of the wedding. Professional wedding planners are expensive – but cruise lines offer them as part of your wedding package. Now all you need is an experienced travel coordinator who can work with all the different personalities and income brackets in your family and friends!

5 star floating resort

For those who have never sailed before, just know that these mega ships are like 5-star floating resorts – you can barely feel the motion of the ocean. These mega-ships literally cruise the high seas at relaxing and enjoyable speeds.

There’s always plenty to do with Las Vegas-style entertainment, movies, casinos, art exhibits, afternoon teas, bingo, talent nights, cocktail parties, the library, poolside and group activities, internet cafe, gym, spa, beauty salon, exercise classes, piano bar, and shore excursions. It’s really hard to run out of things to do.

Most cruise lines have a program for teenagers and they like to be away from their parents and meet other teenagers of the same age.

Source by Sandy Ingram

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