Tips for Bringing Your Estate Sale Bought Goods Home Safely


When buying property from estate sales, you will need to bring your own boxes and packing supplies to ensure that your goods reach their destination safely. No bag, packaging, box, blanket, tape or other similar material is provided. So be sure to think about the future and bring your own. Avoid the risk of a newly purchased antique rolling in the trunk of your car or accidentally landing out of the passenger seat!

Essential items to bring are newspapers, tape, boxes, string, scissors, bags, paper towels, tissues, pillowcases or other lightweight fabrics, packaging peanuts, labels and of course a pen. Depending on what you plan to buy, you may not need all of these items, but it would not be harmful to have them on hand just in case.

Do not be afraid to pack something and take the time carefully to pack and protect your new treasures. Keep in mind that if you break something bought at an estate sale, there is no refund or return. The old adage "you break it, you've bought it" is true at any label sale. Use newspaper and facial tissue whenever possible, and be sure to stick it all in with tape so that it does not roll out.

If you are loading items into a truck, you will need to pack the heavy boxes at the bottom to avoid crushing other delicate items. It may seem logical, but never risk putting furniture on anything but the floor of the truck or van itself. Cover items individually to avoid scratches, scrapes and other possible damage. Small fragile items should be wrapped and covered with bulletproof paper, blankets, towels or other soft padding. Fragile items should also be placed with fragile items and not for heavier purchases.

All goods with ropes should be tied with tape or fasteners so as not to hang for your own safety and to avoid hanging on other projecting objects. Avoid over-packing boxes and give your newly purchased property plenty of room to breathe. Label items that require special handling, especially if you want help getting them moving once you reach your destination. If something is difficult, mark the box as such so that anyone who helps you move knows that it must be soft.

If possible, bundle similar items to prevent breakage and facilitate unpacking. The figures must be packed with figurines, glass with glass, tools with tools, etc. When placing items in your vehicle, make sure they are well wrapped and will not slip or fall when driving and passing over bumps. A handy roll of string or elastic rubber ropes can help you keep everything in place in the trunk of the car when loaded.

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