Time Is Non-Existent in Reality But Is Man’s Invention for Taxes and Slavery


The mind cannot perceive a world without time. Likewise, he cannot consider the concept of "always". Something must have a starting point and an end for our convenience of reality. But our thinking is wrong, just like the relationship we have with the Spirit of the Universe, the one and only God. It is the standard that my reincarnation and my journey from life to life has shown me.

My death was sudden and amazing. None of this is remembered except when my "being" floated above the body, that of a 45 year old man. Then in total darkness, completely black, and with the Spirit, the feeling was an absolute euphoria. There was nothing to see and no one to meet. There was no tunnel, no music, no light, no magic.

A vision was given of my next life to come and that at 45 years old (the age of my death) something extraordinary would happen to make sense of it. While floating above my new parents while they were married (date well known) my birth took place a month later.

It is only in the world of false reality that man has his importance. Beyond death, there is no time, no feeling of haste or delay, and certainly no demons, angels, saints or celestial kingdom. This is completely opposite to the general consensus of opinion. So why is this so?

The things we are talking about here are known to all members of humanity and yet they reject them to adopt the terrible brain-induced stories of false concepts and powerful leaders. The logic is destroyed so that regimental control over the masses is ensured. It is therefore governed by the economic system and politics.

The subject here, however, concerns time and why it does not exist in the reality of God? When one is separated from the need to be governed by it, then it almost ceases to exist. If we were to leave society and live off the land in a jungle somewhere, there would be no week, morning or afternoon, or sense of getting up and sleeping to the rhythm of 39; a clock.

The body responds to its needs with hunger and fatigue. So when and why did the weather come into effect? It could only be because of the kings and the regiment of their subjects.

One of the great learning stories of white settlers in Australia is that the natives had no idea of ​​time. In their world, they didn't have a counting system and the seasons were something they only knew when the trees blossomed and the animals became more numerous.

This indicates another fact about why people from western countries were hooked on it. Sedentary life, as in the so-called "civilized" world, has produced exchange systems that have deviated from the norm. In the expanding cities of the Near East, people invented writing and records of goods were kept. Kings demanded portions of crops and so on for wealth.

With this new method of trading, money quickly followed, then taxation, etc. Time became the most useful commodity when the industry developed and people were employed rather than enslaved. They were now time servants and gradually it went beyond the world.

Called by the Spirit, at the age of 45, in a learning phase, the things revealed are astounding. The deception by which the establishment is led and the lies and deception of its power have practically nullified the need for divine influence. Religions and institutions are governed by greed which they fraudulently claim to oppose.

Time is their greatest weapon and working for their lives rather than depending on the Spirit is now the universally anchored system. Since the time of the Romans, we have seen the world in constant decline and now it is on the brink of destruction.

"And for this reason, God will send them a strong illusion so that they believe in a lie: so that they are all damned who did not believe the truth, but who took pleasure in it 39; injustice. " II Thessalonians 2:11, 12

The depth of the lie begins with time and the institutions that have created false gods and that support the creation of wealth and power for their own preservation. Time is the product of this deception and in the reality of the Universal Spirit it does not exist.

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