The Ugly Truth About Pushy Insurance Sales People


Why are some of the most successful insurance agents obnoxiously aggressive? You know who I'm talking about. These Rotten Eggs sell more insurance than 10 people. You can't stand them and no one else can, but your sales manager sees them as ideal. They are the example given to you when you tell your sales manager that you are not selling anything by making all those ridiculous cold calls.

As you know, there are always two sides to every story and two sides of the story. The sales manager is also excited that a puppy is rubbing his stomach on this moron because the moron is selling a lot of policies. Neither the sales manager nor the moron cares about the trail of destruction the moron leaves in his wake. Plus, the moron likes to mistreat and misuse people. This bad behavior gives the moron a sense of power.

Now let's move on to the other side or the version of the stuttering approach. The jerk sells a lot of policies because he has to sell a lot of policies to keep his income stream going. Its regular customers and references are virtually non-existent. No one would refer to the moron unless they hate the other person and even then most people can't bring themselves to make someone's moron they know sick. Therefore, the only way to sustain a business is to constantly sell new policies to new people.

The jerk is a workaholic and that's a good thing because it's the only way the jerk can get things done. Because nobody likes the moron when the moron gets a date, he has to sell something and that is exactly why he is so obnoxiously pushy.

Ok, so what is a decent human being supposed to do? Well the good news is you can be more successful than the jerk. You can do it with a lot less work than the jerk. Plus, you can do it without ever being ashamed of yourself.

The key to your success is to sell without rejection. You simply eliminate those words, actions, and behaviors that trigger resistance, defensiveness, and rejection. Rather than pushing for a 'yes', you strive to understand and then guide the thinking process. As Benjamin Franklin once said, everyone thinks their own ideas are great ideas. You are simply helping your future customers discover their own good ideas.

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