The Skinny On Credit Cards – Book Review


By: Jim Randel (2010)

ISBN 978-0-9818935-4-9

Book Price: $ 14.95

Clear, entertaining English, explanation of important topics

Jim Randel is a lawyer and entrepreneur who has spent 30 years studying financial literacy and personal achievement. After years of learning how people learn, RAND Publishing created The Skinny On series of books that provide a simple and entertaining story in English, an explanation of the most important topics of our time.

Credit card education

Jim Randel uses a creative comic style approach to educate readers. He addresses the following points: "What is a financial plan?" (p.13); "… card companies …" (p.50); "… what happens once money is lent to you" (p.60); "… the myth that debt is good …" (p.93); "… lower your rates …" (page 135); "The Law on Credit Cards" (p.146); and more.

Overcome the debt

Jim Randel communicates with a relational and educational style. It engages readers with creativity and injects important information with a mixture of humor and everyday language. Jim instructs: "For credit card companies, a person who pays off his balance every month is a fool." Certainly, they like us to stay in our debts!

Jim's blunt comments reveal false assumptions that make a lot of people live. He explains: "In fact, by encouraging people to pay only the minimum of 2%, credit card companies were helping people to dig deeper and deeper holes."

Short calculations quickly express the points and allow readers to instantly understand Randel's knowledge. He shares, "… by paying $ 750 a month instead of $ 500, you can pay off your debt in 44 months instead of 79!" Good news!

Randel adds practical action steps that allow readers to get instant feedback on their information and consolidate their knowledge. He said, "My first suggestion is that you call the credit card companies to ask them to lower your rates."

Jim refers to others in his field to amplify his message. He says: "Once people see that they can get out of debt, they gain energy and momentum, so some commentators recommend paying off their debts on several cards and targeting the card with the lowest balance ". Great wisdom!

Randel notes that "… borrowing … on credit cards, is a way of using future income to pay for immediate consumption".

Master the card game

Jim Randel shows readers how to master the game of credit cards. This frees the winners on the debt!

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