Testimony From Insurance Agents About Getting Into the Industry


Everything you wanted to know about the behind-the-scenes reasons for choosing a career in the industry!

Four questions that shine a light on the passion for auto, home, business, property and life insurance and three varied answers!

Question: No matter how long an insurance agent has been in the business, there has always been a time when he or she was a recruit. Do you remember what prompted you to start a career in claims?

Answer 1: Actually my exposure to the industry stemmed from my own requirements. I was personally looking for auto coverage. The problem was that every agency I turned to offered very expensive bonuses. It wasn't until I mentioned this to some of my college mates that I found a different approach. I was guided by a specific agency who showed a level of customer service that I felt was unique. They showed an honest interest in me, had me discuss my particular situation, and searched their extensive network of vendors to come up with a bespoke plan for me at a competitive price. It was then that I decided that was what interested me in a profession.

Answer 2: I was actually looking for a job when a good friend who had just passed the state insurance test suggested it to me. ;idea. At first I scoffed at the prospect. After meeting the director of the agency he worked for, things changed. I was so impressed with the 'happening place' that I became open to it as a career choice.

Question: What form of training was required to become an insurance agent?

Answer 1: As with anyone interested in this field, I had to take courses on the subject. This resulted in a test, after which I received my insurance license. I have to admit, however, that without the on-site training I received from the agency that hired me, I wouldn't be as knowledgeable, or as qualified. It is training that does not end with the initiation process. To this day, I can honestly say that I can count on my superiors for back-up training in all aspects of the field.

Answer 2: The training for me included a licensing course, written exams and on-the-job training.

Question: What part of the job surprised you the most?

Answer 1: Since I was on the fringes of insurance as a client, I did not fully realize the importance of having an honest agent who could guide you in the insurance maze.

Answer 2: Before I got into the industry, I had no idea how important insurance was in all facets of life!

Question: Any advice for others who are considering becoming an insurance agent?

Answer 1: Without a doubt, the beginnings are difficult. If you have a reliable agency on your back and give everything you can, there is a good chance you will be successful!

Answer 2: If anyone tells you the industry is inundated, don't listen! Invest in the effort. Earn the trust of your customers by being honest and direct and you will reap the results!

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