Six Uncommon Policies Your Insurance Agency May Offer


You want your home and family to be protected in the event of an accident. It is the best thing you can do. However, this protection can be a bit inconstant. Your insurance agency may reimburse you for certain issues, but they may not provide funds for other issues. In fact, if you don't have some of these policies, you may have to foot the bill yourself in the event of an accident.

Renter's policy

Everyone knows that it is necessary to have an insurance agency write a policy for a house, but many don't think about getting a policy when they rent. Yes, your landlord has coverage for their property in the event of a fire or other incident. However, this policy does not cover your valuables. A typical policy costs just a few dollars a month and also includes liability coverage.

Pet policies

Like your children, your four-legged family members need annual check-ups and vaccinations to be healthy. In the event that they need an operation at some point, it can get expensive. You can check with your insurance agency to see if they offer coverage for your pet that will help offset some of their general care costs.

Antique blanket

Having a landlord or even tenant policy doesn't mean your valuable antiques are protected. Some policies do not cover these items because their replacement or restoration can be expensive. However, if you own valuable heirlooms, you may qualify for additional coverage. In the event that something does happen to the property, you want to make sure that you have full replacement value or restoration coverage.

Long term care

Most employers offer some form of disability insurance. However, they don't always offer long term care coverage. In case you ever need to go to a nursing home or long term home care, this type of policy can save you money in the end. If you buy this policy when you're younger, you won't be spending that much. However, they can be pricey if you're not careful. You can also only buy one that pays for three to five years of service, as most cardholders need it for more than three years.


Most people understand the need to hand over money for retirement. However, in some cases even the best-designed plans may find you strapped for cash before you move on. By purchasing longevity plans from an insurance agency, you can make sure you aren't at a dead end. This program allows you to receive a fixed monthly amount from age 85. For example, you buy an indemnity of $ 50,000 at age 55. At age 85, you would start receiving approximately the same amount each year.


Wedding plans are minimal, but they can save you a lot of frustration. The average cost of the big day can exceed $ 24,000. If you have to postpone it due to bad weather or the death of a family member, you could spend that much money to get it back on track. Having something in place to help you in case your big day doesn't go as planned is a good idea.

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