Selling Your House: How Many Estate Agents Do You Need?


A few years ago we decided to sell our house and move to a new neighborhood.

One of the first things we did was put a sign on our window with our phone number so that anyone interested could call us and we could show them the house.

The result was terrible. Realtors kept calling saying they had clients for our house. First off you think 'hey that's pretty cool' so the realtors came to our house by the dozen to take pictures and measure the rooms. We thought we had sold the house.

Months went by and every week one or two newly established real estate agents would come to our house and do the same. What was funny was that none of them ever came with customers.

So we thought the house might be too expensive so we lowered the price and actually spent our time and money calling all of these agents to tell them about the price change.

Then we got clients through them, but I'll never understand why we got the same clients through various realtors. If they had seen the house before, why come with another agent to see it again?

Well, it seems to be the norm. They see the house with one and visit another because they know that realtors usually have the same houses for sale and review it and try to renegotiate the price.

Why do realtors allow this? Every time we negotiated the price because the real estate agent said someone who saw our house wanted to buy it, instead of selling it we were seeing the same clients with another real estate agent . So all that was happening was we were negotiating with one agent the price that had already been negotiated with another agent and they were from different companies.

My advice to anyone selling their home is to find an established agent and stick with them. Putting the house up for sale with a lot of agents will only give us headaches and if you sell the house be prepared to sell it for much less than you originally asked for.

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