Regulations Often Economically Work Like Additional Taxes On Society


Most people who have never run a business think that all regulations are good, to protect us all from evil entrepreneurs. They do not know how much better their lives would be without all these expensive and ridiculous regulations from the bureaucracy. Interestingly enough, when they hear about the plight of small businesses, they want the government to fix it, which is laughable to me, because that is the problem, not the solution. In discussing this, I just said; Okay, but give the entrepreneurs a little credit, we kick their asses, and at the end of the day, we'll find a way – just get the government away.

Yet the naive citizen said; "Entrepreneurs will always come out on top! I firmly believe in it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that if a government taxes more than one business, it also taxes the people (consumers). Take a look at Papa John's health care and pizza problem. What keeps a business from increasing the pizza slice by 50 cents to make up for losses from health care? Nothing really, people still love pizza, and Papa Johns' best dogs will always make a profit. So who is the loser, the consumer right? "

Yes, and really regulations work the same way, you impose incessant regulations on businesses and those businesses pass on the cost of compliance. It is like an ineffective tax on the population. If you over-regulate energy, resources, transportation, distribution, it's the same thing; manufacturer, supplier, seller, professional consumer, worse it is often an aggravating effect and most of the regulations these days are applied to business models or sectors for which they were never intended, but bureaucracy growing does not care.

It is a status quo machine “ sorry but it is the law & # 39; & # 39;, it does not matter that the planned law was drafted the day before the vote of the bill in congress in an office of members of Congress at midnight by lawyers for a lobbying firm of a company or industry that gave money to the politician who is drunk during ; a party leaning on a young call boy brought in by Barney Franks and Company LLC. who is not even present at this meticulous elaboration in their office with interns and employees who think that all this is legitimate, or the way to proceed, of course, that is the way things work sometimes, but that doesn't do it. Worse, the company in question with lobbyists, one of your competitors.

Personally, I'm with Trump, we have to empty the swamp, and I would like to see them chasing more members of Congress who are hiding money from corruption in a popsicle box in their freezer. DC apartment, but I'm walking away – STILL.


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