Positioning Strategies For Real Estate Agents


Just recently I was asked to give a talk for my good friend and co-author

from our bestselling Singapore book Get Rich Now: 15

Strategies of a self-made millionaire, Dr. Dennis Wee. (Dr. Wee is one of the

Singapore's most famous entrepreneurs. Although he hasn't finished his

high school, he managed to start and build his own

real estate company, Dennis Wee Group, to become Singapore's leading real estate company

real estate companies generating $ 3.8 billion in sales in 2006.)

He wanted me to share some marketing secrets with his real estate

agents and I was more than happy to do it because I believe there are so many

more than agents can do to position, market and market their services.

Unfortunately, most agents, whether in real estate or financial services

(insurance) or any other industry, tend to see themselves as a

seller. This self-perception limits their growth and income!

Thinking they are just sellers they don't see

opportunities to develop their careers into full-fledged businesses. There is

so many more benefits for someone to think big and build a great business,

versus just existing and making a living. Donald Trump said: "If

you'll think, you might as well think big. "But it is

another topic for another session.

Here I will show you some detailed examples of how an agent can

differentiate yourself by using simple positioning and branding

strategies that I have used with other clients with great success.

Many people perceive that being an agent in any industry is like being

seller. Someone who is always in competition with everyone else

thousands of salespeople in the industry. To some extent, this is correct.

These other agents are also looking for the same offers as you. He

is a matter of who gets the deal first. So they go unabated

out there to the cold prospect.

Now I am not a fan of cold prospecting. For me, cold prospecting is

like banging your head against the wall, hoping it collapses in front of you

start to bleed … most people end up being very disappointed. To do what

do you think new agents don't last long? I strongly suspect it's because

they realized that their heads couldn't go against the wall.

But there are ways to turn it around. In my interviews I like to ask

the audience: Do you prefer to work hard and seek out prospects, OR

Do you prefer to let your prospects search for you?

The answer is obvious.

But more than having less work and an easier time, there is

deeper psychological benefits so you can let your prospects seek you out

instead of you prospecting them cold. Simply put, when you search

someone out there, you will be open to ideas, advice, person expertise.

This is the reason why you are looking for it in the first place – to become an expert


There won't be the resistance wall you got used to when

you cold perspective. In fact, now they're the ones who jump over the hoops to

look for you in your field. Dude, it's always exciting to talk about it


Believe me, this is a whole new paradigm. Imagine becoming a celebrity

overnight and people are doing all they can to get in touch

with you. Think of reality TV stars like Survivor and American

Idol … It's that powerful!

So how can you achieve this?

Let's look at a typical scenario:

You've probably opened your mailbox day in and day out just to

find it crammed with stacks of flyers from various realtors. Only

look more closely. You will realize that all of them claim to be the

"specialist" in the field. Now if everyone is a specialist then does he

doesnt matter who you call? Absolutely not!

"But I am different from others. I have more experience, quality,

etc … ”you protest.

Let me be frank. It doesn't matter who you are or what you

the bottom is. If prospects don't recognize it right away, you're right

like everyone. It doesn't matter how different you think you are.

Repeat after me: if you are like everyone else, you are a non-body.

Remember: it all depends on their perception, not yours.

So instead of just being another specialist in the field, be different. Until there

I haven't met any agent who positions themselves as the

specialist at the service of "first-time buyers". Do you think it's powerful?


First-time home buyers are inexperienced. They don't know what

expect what the whole buying process is going to be, how long will it be

take, what possible hiccups might occur, etc. They are in a place where

they don't know what they don't know. Do you think they have

needs / concerns of those who have already bought a house? Of

Classes! If you can manage to gain their trust, do you think they will look

for someone else?

The point is this: you have the information that first-time buyers are

research (in fact, all real estate agents should know these

information). But by letting them know that you are the expert who can guide

them all through the process safely, by itself will earn you a


You may need to make minor changes to the way you do things,

like explaining the buying process in more detail, go through the

gritty nitty details that you normally don't need with an experience

buyers, etc. But all this will help consolidate your positioning and

brand image as an expert at the service of first-time buyers. And once your brand image

fate, you will be busy with so many referrals for others for the first time

buyers. Is the market for first-time buyers large enough for you?

Once you've established your branding, it's easy to market your

services. You can easily get the publicity that was once impossible

for you. If the media want to form an opinion on what first-time buyers

are thinking about a new housing policy, who are they looking for? They go

interview the expert (you). And after appearing in the media, you will have

gained even more credibility. Can you see how this will snowball

your profits?

It all starts with creating a strong positioning, branding and

marketing strategy that's right for you.

What other positioning can differentiate you? What would you say:

o The real estate investment expert (investors love to work with

who understand their investment needs, someone who is not just another

agent); or

o Specialist in divorce cases (they certainly have different needs

compared to regular buyers); or

o downgraders or upgraders; or

o Serve only those looking for luxurious and upscale homes valued at $ XX

amount and above (your benefit must of course reflect this); and

o Much more!

As you can see it is essential to create a strong positioning to get

your prospects to start looking specifically for you. I assure you that I am

not an expert in the real estate industry. But I am an expert in

positioning, branding and marketing. These same principles can be applied in

other industries, such as the financial services industry, perfectly


So start positioning yourself today!

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