Nursing Malpractice Insurance – Myths That Damage a Nursing Career


Have you insured your home or car? Your answer will of course be. When people want to protect these assets, many nurses fail to protect their valuable asset, which is their career. In the current recession, these professionals should take all kinds of steps to safeguard their valuable careers. But why do nurses shy away from purchasing nursing malpractice insurance for them? This is because of the many myths they hear about such coverage that discourages them from purchasing insurance to protect their professional license. It is important that they examine these myths, so that those working in the field of direct patient care understand the importance of having this type of coverage. It will also help them in terms of representation in the event of a lawsuit brought against them, even when the error is not on their part or otherwise.

This insurance will increase my risk of being sued: Some nurses refrain from purchasing nursing malpractice insurance because they believe this coverage will make them open as targets for lawsuits. But this is not true. Unless you voluntarily inform potential applicants that you are covered, they will never know about your coverage. It won't be known to others unless a lawsuit is brought against you for some reason or another.

However, having such coverage could keep a nurse in a lawsuit because attorneys keep a defendant in a case if the defendant has the coverage to pay for the judgment or potential settlement. In the past, not having insurance provided benefits to nurses because lawyers took them out of the trial. It is because of the reasoning that nurses cannot afford to take care of the case.

I am covered by employer's insurance: although it is true that nurses are covered by the hospital they work for, it is recommended that they have its own cover. This is because the employer will not claim the insurance company if legal action is brought against a nurse for services rendered outside of hospital hours. In addition, the money covered by employers might also not be enough. So it is better if you personally get coverage.

I don & # 39; t need insurance because I am good at my job: it is true that you could trust yourself. But we are humans and mistakes can happen anytime. Also, there are chances that you will be mistakenly sued by a patient for something for which you are not actually responsible.

As with nurses, dental malpractice insurance is also important for dentists. Dental malpractice insurance will cover them against their professional errors.

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