Main sources of funding for your business


Are you a new entrepreneur? Looking for financing ideas for your business? Here are some ideas that will help you fund your business:

Angel Equity – If you want your business to make real progress, find someone who is an executive in the respective industry to invest in your business. It must be ready to give you credibility against other companies and start-ups.

Smart Leases – Taking fixed assets on lease preserves cash for working capital i.e. to cover inventory etc. It is usually difficult to obtain financial assistance for an unconfirmed business.

Bank Loans – Banks are similar to the supermarket of liability financing. Banks generally offer short, medium and long-term financing depending on your needs. They provide financing for all kinds of needs such as equipment, working capital and also real estate. With this you can of course generate sufficient funding to cover the interest payments and also return the principal amount.

National and Local Economic Development Authority – State or local economic development organizations can attractively charge a low interest rate while providing funds with a bank.

Customers – Receive deposits from customers and ensure you provide service to them assuming the terms are not too onerous and can provide you with the financing you need. At a relatively low cost, you can continue to grow your business. But also remember that advances come with a certain level of commitment.

Vendors – You can request financing from your vendors or suppliers. This way, your backers don’t control your business, but you do. Be sure to submit yourself to a handful of authoritative supplies.

Family and Friends – Friends and family can be the most forgiving investors if you’re lucky enough. They won’t ask you to pledge your home and some might even agree low interest rates.

Small Business Innovation Research Grants (SBIR) – Clearing all the paperwork process and SBIR grants is a great method to grab your intellectual idea into big bucks.

Tax Increase Funding – TIF grants are generally for real estate development in a few areas. These subsidies can reach 20% to 30% of the price of the project depending on the area.

Internal Revenue Service – IRS does not do financing. It helps you reduce your expenses. It assesses whether you can use your profits to grow your business if you pay a high amount of taxes.

Seeding – Most billion dollar entrepreneurs don’t rely on backers for funding so they can control their business and not their investors.

Source by Rajesh B Sanghvi

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