How to eliminate debt today


Turn debt into wealth

Dave wants financial stability and financial freedom.

However, he has a large mortgage plus student loans, personal loans, two car payments and credit card debt. His income generates just enough income to make the basic minimum payments. He is frustrated with wanting to support his family while building a nest egg for his retirement.

Also, the bank wants him to refinance his loans or consolidate his debts into one package. The result would be that he would pay much more interest to the bank, while the bank would generate more income by lending his deposits to other people at a high rate of interest. Looking at the amortization schedule, he sees that in the 20th year of a 30-year mortgage at an interest rate of 4.5%, 37.7% of his monthly payment will bear interest!

This does not give him the financial freedom and stability he desires.

I understand Dave’s pain. I too refinanced my house once and then added my car to the mortgage. The result was a 30 year mortgage on my car! The bank won again!

There is a better plan that the banks haven’t told you about. This is the financial GPS system, provided by Worth Unlimited.


“It’s the best debt reduction system we’ve ever seen. We’ve reduced our mortgage repayment date from 27.5 years to 8.3 years” – Robert and Denise

“This program is incredibly user-friendly and takes minutes to learn” – Kimball & Genivieve

“I am very happy with the support I am getting, which makes my wife and I thrilled that we can now see ourselves debt free in a fraction of the time, that owning a home these days is possible through this program.”- Lira & Ray

Financial GPS System Provided by Worth Unlimited Brings Clarity to Turning Debt to Wealth

Step 1. Learn about the company, its limited warranty, its credibility according to Ernst & Young Financial. in 2008. WorthAccount(dot)com/987841

Step 2. Complete an analysis form. Request this form from the author

The program will use this information to calculate what exact date you could be completely debt free and tell you exactly how many dollars you’ll save in interest.

Purchase the web-based, interactive financial GPS software that will guide you on who to pay, on what exact date, and the exact dollar amount.

The program is accompanied by telephone assistance 5 days a week, free of charge. We are always at your service. No risk as it comes with a limited warranty.

How will your life be different when you can see the exact date you are debt free? Imagine no mortgage payments, car loans, student loans or credit card debt!

How are you going to use the money that was previously meant for interest?

Dave transformed his life from the frustration and burden of being a slave to debts, mortgages, personal loans, car loans and credit cards, to owning his life and gaining freedom financial.

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Source by Walter Seward

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