Health Insurance Solutions Part II


Time and time again, there is a solution to every problem, challenge, obstacle, or anything else that we can worry about. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The Affordable Care Act never said that the insurer had to remove the underwriting process. Several elements of sales plans have been implemented to comply and comply with the law, including: essential health benefits which are all necessary; with the exception of pediatric dental and vision coverage, especially for a person who does not have minor children in their care.

The other element is the fact that carriers could no longer deny coverage to consumers who have more than enough health issues with exorbitant premiums, conditions in the insurance world 'noted Because of pre-existing conditions.

This is the major problem facing the healthcare industry and why insurers are unable to measure their risk by finding reasonable rates for the American people. It is a chance for insurance companies to play a guessing game of not knowing who has chronic health problems on a regular basis and what it would cost to provide care accurately at reasonable prices . Actuaries calculate insurance with a purpose; to estimate the risk. No measure, no wonder carriers have lost money over the past few years and are ready to bail out.

Government involvement in the insurance industry is about governing, not necessarily managing the insurance industry. It is sad that the big carriers allow the government to dictate and rule out the main premise of insurance. This activity is based on risk factors. There is no difference if you wanted to buy owners, an automobile; or any other type of insurance, there are risks associated with property insurance. Our physical body is at higher risk because we are constantly moving moving objects, wear out and break down from time to time and need to be repaired and healed.

Why don't insurers address this fact with legislators? What are the chances of a mechanical failure with fixed buildings? Physical failure of buildings due to neglect and lack of maintenance, or if someone has physically damaged the property for any reason. When was the last time you purchased P&C insurance and your risk was not factored into the amount you will be charged in premium dollars? Well, it's no different with health insurance.

There is a solution and a plan that will work. It's not about taxes, or how many people will lose coverage, cutting Medicaid, squeezing the poor, getting rich for the rich, or some other politician nonsense. . Insurers need to be bold and follow the guidelines of current law, go back to the underwriting process, not deny anyone coverage, and have affordable premiums based on risk as they once were; Affordable Care Act previously.

As consumers, it is our responsibility to take care of these earthly bodies and protect our finances as long as we are physically and financially able to do so. Are you going to wait for a chronic health problem to arise and then try to get coverage? It's like having a building already on fire and then calling an insurer for coverage. Be wise, get the protection you need while you are still insurable before your temple starts to deteriorate.

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