Estate Planning: More Than Just Having a Will


The American inventor Prolific, Thomas Edison, who has developed many devices that continue to influence us to this day, once said, "There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work earns rewards. Those who work more than others usually get their reward in the form of enormous wealth, material or otherwise.

If you have spent most of your life working like there was no tomorrow and you now own tons of goods and assets, you can now relax while enjoying your financial life safely. You have so much in your hands that even if you die, your loved ones who survive will still be able to enjoy the abundance of your hard work. Of course, you need to make sure that only those who you think deserve, can own and / or manage the things you have worked so hard for.

For those who have more than others, estate planning is imperative. This is to ensure the proper disposal of its assets in the event of death. Contrary to what many people think, planning your wealth is not just about having a will in place. It is also a question of ensuring that assets are protected so that they are not expensive for those who inherit them in terms of payment of property taxes that have been transferred to them.

The preparation of the transfer of his property is made not only to prepare for death, but also in case of incapacity, even if it arises from bankruptcy or legal proceedings. The objective is to ensure that the property is protected and can not be affected in the event that any of the above circumstances occur.

Expert estate planning involves a range of tasks: reviewing a person's assets (real estate, investments, or even insurance); identifying all the means to support the needs of their dependents; secure or protect assets; prepare all the necessary documentation; provide appropriate legal advice – among others. Coping with these things requires expertise and experience. It is therefore essential that the law firm chosen be specialized in this field.

Another important factor in preparing your will or planning your estate is the question of who gets what. If you are preparing one soon, you have the last word as to who receives what portion of your property. Of course, your choice will not be dictated by a lawyer, a friend or a family member, but by your own criteria. This is your property. So you are the only person who knows who deserves what.

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