Dominion Dark Ages Estate Replacement Cards


Well, as the official scenario of the new Dominion: Dark Ages expansion game shows, the good times are over (thematically, of course). For the context of this latest version of the hugely popular Dominion games series, you have left your once luxurious castle and now looted to go into your ravine. And, while you are now a beggar, you can at least dump garbage whenever you want!

Ok, maybe things have turned a corner for the worst. And that fits well with the themes of the new Dark Ages expansion. With cards such as Rats, Pillage and Graverobber, it's no wonder this version focuses on trash, deletion / enhancement and obtaining cards using other specific cards. Even the kind, comfortable and humble areas in which every player started the game in all previous games have now been replaced by Hybrid Shelter cards. And, since the new Shelter cards are present in all Dark Ages games, a discussion of how they compare to previous bland realms is in order.

But first, a review of the rules for each of the three refuges is needed:

Hovel: Cost = 1 piece. Card type = reaction / shelter. Rules = When you buy a Victory card, you can remove it from your hand.

Necropolis: cost = 1 piece. Card type = Action / Shelter. Rules = +2 actions.

Invaded area: cost = 1 piece. Card type = Victory / Refuge. Rules = 0 VP. When you delete this, +1 Map.

Before proceeding, it should be noted that these cards are not part of the reserve and, although they have a cost, they can not be purchased. The cost is mainly there to facilitate value calculations because of the interactions between scrapping and upgrading. A shelter, for example, can be transformed into a card costing 3 rooms. Now, for a brief discussion of each of the new cards replacing an estate.

First, let's examine Hovel. Thematically, this card goes well with the new set. Instead of going to a beautiful property, you're stuck in a slum. What do you want to do if you live in a hovel? Why, move, of course! Hovel is not a victory card, provides no benefit and is essentially a drag on your deck. Therefore, this map is even worse than a starting area. But the only scenario likely to justify the purchase of a victory card to abandon it at the beginning of the game is if you open with a division of 5/2. If all 3 shelters are in your hand with two brass, it makes sense to buy a domain to throw the hovel (if there are no good 2 piece cards on the board). Otherwise, you will exchange purchasing power or engine components for a Victory card that is cluttering the deck. As the old saying goes, it takes money to make money, and once you land in a Hovel, it can be difficult to pull a Jefferson and go from there. # 39; before.

Secondly, let's look at the area overgrown. This card also adapts to the theme of ragged wealth. The once pristine estate has now fallen into ruin and is overgrown. As a result, the Estates Victory Point (VP) is missing for the vegetation area. Since it is a victory card, it will still be useful for PV calculations with Silk Road. When you put it in the trash, the +1 card minimizes the impact of a remodel on the current hand, and its upgrade generates a 5-card hand. This shelter will be a good target for early garbage, and is approximately equivalent to a succession, IF it is ejected.

Third, let's look at the necropolis. This card is strictly better than a starting estate. Its +2 Actions function allows much more variability with openings. Indeed, more terminal action cards can be purchased early without fear of killing them. One of the main ways to influence a game is to use 3-part attacks (such as Swindler and Ambassador). To draw a necropolis with two crooks, to play them both and to defeat your opponent's two Coppers in curses would probably be synonymous with victory.

Of course, it is only the beginning of strategic opportunities and implementations that can be formed with the new Dominion Dark Ages cards. As more games are played with the cards, more unique interactions will be discovered and more skills will increase. Make sure you get your own game as soon as possible!

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