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Personal loans are basically money given on credit to any customer by a money lending institution. Now, repayment terms are decided by the lender after the best personal loan has been approved for a client. Personal loans have various factors that affect approval like those of outstanding bills, credit rating, income, unsecured debt and the purpose of the loan taken out. All these factors are looked at by lenders like banks and then a bank loan is sanctioned.

One of the important things that are considered for a loan is the beneficiary’s credit rating. Several invoices are added and reported to the credit score of the person taking loans. Bills for living expenses, medical requirements and credit cards are what a bank or any financial institution will look at. If someone has declared bankruptcy against the beneficiary, this will be a problem as it is reflected badly in the credit score report. Even your repayment on time reflects the same. So, now, it should be known that maintaining the credit score is essential.

If your credit score situation gets too bad for you to handle at the last minute, there are other options available to you as well. Since banks may not sanction bad credit loans, you can use individual lenders like your own family members or friends. But ultimately, it will be your responsibility for your image. If you manage to collect the loans within the promised time, then you are safe otherwise it might hamper your relationship with the person you are borrowing money from for purposes you know best. In this case, you will not have to pay a personal loan interest rate.

Unsecured debt is another factor that affects your approval for the loan you want to take out. Well, these types of debts are all debts whose interest rate constantly fluctuates. They are very dangerous in nature because they could run the risk of losing control. This could prevent any lender from receiving their payments in equal monthly installments. Personal loans can also be termed as fast loans as they can also be obtained within 24 hours, but before applying for them, it is advisable to reduce unsecured debts as much as possible. This will not only affect your credit score positively but also reduce your budget for each month. You will find it easy to get your loans sanctioned in time.

If you have applied for a loan, your living expenses will also be taken into account. These expenses can include food, utilities, gas, insurance, and all kinds of rent you pay, such as house rent, garage rent, etc. If you have a roommate, banks will look into this as well as the amount paid by you and your roommate. Now, if your living expenses make up the majority of your income, it’s best if you borrow money from someone you know. This is because banks see this as a negative factor while sanctioning personal loans.

The most important thing you need to have when applying for a loan is your tax return which will serve as proof of income. Proof of minimum three months income will be required as other factors like longevity of your employment with current company, your per month incentives etc. If you have saved some of your income for emergencies like financial or medical ones, the banks will take that into consideration as well and then give you money based on the personal loan rates.

Finally, if the amount is small, it may seem very small, but these amounts may have the capacity to put you in more debt than to solve your problems. Have a plan of your budget including expenses and savings.

Source by Anil Kumar Ahuja

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