Credit Cards vs Cold Hard Cash – The Benefits


The benefits of using credit cards have long been recognized. Even with the additional attention to identity theft and credit card fraud, using your credit card remains one of the safest ways to pay for items available.

All credit card companies will provide you with an emergency number to call if your card is lost or stolen and, in the vast majority of cases, any loss incurred by your account will be fully refunded by the provider of the credit card. map. This will always be the case unless you are involved in one way or another or you are responsible for the fraud, for example by communicating your security information to a person in whom you are not responsible. should not have trusted. This means that even if your cards and information are stolen, you usually do not have to worry as long as you report the incident. Replacement cards can be sent to you very quickly.

Another advantage of credit cards over cash is that you can use them easily abroad. They are becoming an internationally recognized currency. Although cash is accepted everywhere in your country, credit cards are accepted in a very large number of countries. As soon as you get off a plane, and especially if you are traveling to several countries, a credit card will be an invaluable means of payment, wherever you are.

Another major benefit of credit cards, which is only beginning to manifest itself with the growth of Internet shopping, is the ease with which payments can be arranged online. There are currently thousands of websites around the world that deal with you and give you access to great prices if you have a credit card to pay. Gone are the days when checks were mailed. Now, with new payment systems such as paypal, even individuals can accept credit card payments with great ease and at very little cost. However, you must manage your personal information and payment details, and conduct your activities either through an intermediary such as paypal, or only with companies in which you know you can trust.

The disadvantage of credit cards is that they can cost you money. You pay interest on balances you make from one month to the next and if you use your credit card abroad, you will have to accept additional fees from your card provider.


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